About EcoBusinessLinks – Green Directory

Last Updated: 02/20/2018

Welcome to EcoBusinessLinks – If you have never visited our website before we are happy to welcome you and give you this small introduction on how to use the directory.

1. All categories – more than 700 ! – are posted on the home page but they are also linked from each category on the right side of the page when you click on the names of the main departments. Navigating from the homepage is probably easier though if this is your first time. On top of the homepage you will also find the main departments, click on any of them and you will find all directly related categories.

2. Website listings: how to find the most appropriate website

Logo Listings are viewed as little ads, meaning they have to be related to the category in which they are listed but this is not necessarily their main category.
Basic Listings however are only allowed in the most appropriate category. Unlike other directories we don’t allow multiple listings for basic and free listings which means that if you look for organic cotton clothing in that category, the basic listings will be websites that offer mainly or only organic cotton. This makes it easier for you to find really related websites and avoid frustration and wasting your time.
Free listings are placed below the other types of listings. The websites listed here tend to disappear more than paying websites so while we do check all of our links every month, there is more chance for you to stumble upon a dead link here.

3. If you cannot find what you are looking for you can also try to the Google Search which is provided in the upper-left corner on each page.

4. If you still couldn’t find what you were looking for, or you have a question, suggestion or complaint, please let us know through our contact page