Airborne / Floating Wind Turbines

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Ampyx Power
The Netherlands
Ampyx is developing the PowerPlane, a machine that can extract energy from the wind much more economically than wind turbines. Ampyx has built a 10 kW PowerPlane which has been tested successfully.
Joby Energy is developing airborne wind turbines which will operate in the upper boundary layer and the upper troposphere. Multi-wing flying structures which can support multiple wind turbines.
Semi-rigid automatically piloted high efficiency air foils.
Flying electric generators.
Based on the comprehensive know-how from the project CyberKite and other projects in the field of applied aeronautics and wind energy, Aeroix initiated the development of a new generation of wind energy plants by use of EnerKites.
Makani is developing high-altitude wind energy extraction technologies aimed at the most powerful wind resources.
Small-scale, on-site distributed electricity generation to help power ranch, farm, winery, golf course, resort, rural school, business or factory, or entire developing world villages.