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Online pet health store, specializing in Flint River Ranch all natural & holistic food for dogs & cats.  Free shipping.  Only available in the continental USA.
Organic Dogs and Cats provides the highest quality organic, clean, eco pet products in one convenient shopping experience. The best source, choices & pricing. Free shipping offer!
Truly wholesome, natural and human grade pet treats. Toys, collars and leashes, beds, food supplements, books, gift baskets,... + free healthy natural home-made dog treat recipes!
All-natural, oven-baked health food for cats and dogs; it's super-fresh and preservative-free.
Providing organic pet food, vitamin supplements, flea and tick prevention, dental care and other products developed to improve your pet's life.
Producing a line of 100% natural, human grade, dehydrated raw diets for dogs and cats with non-GMO, hormone free and some organic ingredients.
Certified organic ingredients, dog biscuits, vegetarian natural dog food line, puppy food, cat food, FAQ's, retailer locator.
All natural pet food and natural nutritional supplements with organically grown ingredients for the Holistic Select™ dog and feline formulas. Retailer locator.
Makers of organic and natural pet food and supplies
Certified human-grade ingredients. Raw frozen pet food for dogs, cats & ferrets. Frozen yogurt treat for cats & dogs, ready-to-bake wholesome treats for cats & dogs. Retailer locator.
A wholesome blend of human-quality grains, herbs, ground nuts, and sea vegetables that you mix with meat and veggies to create your own raw, homemade meals for dogs and cats.
Home made treats made with human grade for your Pampered Pet.
Natural, nutritious wholesome dog food.
Bravo! supplies a large line of both ground meat/bone products and whole bone.
Cow brains. Sheep guts. Chicken heads. Road kill. Rancid grain. These are a few of the so-called nutritionally balanced ingredients found in the commercial pet food....
Your main source of honest, accurate product test reports on dog food, toys, important health and behavior news.
Learn the simple secrets of natural homemade pet food.
Leading open-membership organization supporting and promoting Homeopathy in the United States.

Natural Pet Food Stores - Free listings

Onesta Organics is the first US pet food manufacturer that is both certified organic and Green America-approved. Our healthy raw dehydrated pet food products for cats, dogs and pocket pets are certified organic (3rd party verified), human-grade, whole food-based and hypoallergenic. We only use meats from animals that are sustainably raised in local pastures. Since our pet foods are certified organic, they are verifiably free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals or other unhealthy ingredients. Keep your pet happy & healthy with foods that are made with care and your pets best interest in mind!
K9 Natural makes and distributes high-quality raw dog food. Our food is made from all natural ingredients and offers your pet a species-appropriate diet.
Dog Treats So Good
Colorado, Fort Collins
Best gourmet dog treats, bones and biscuits are baked from hand selected natural ingredients local to the Fort Collins, Colorado area. Order online.
Onesta Organics is the first US pet food manufacturer that is both certified organic and Green America-approved. Our healthy raw dehydrated pet food products for cats, dogs and pocket pets are certified organic (3rd party verified), human-grade, whole food-based and hypoallergenic.
Natertot Bakery
Wisconsin, Suring
Dog muffins, cookies, sweets and treats made with all natural human ingredients. We never use artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Natertot Bakery only uses 100% bio-degradable packaging.
Featuring all natural pet food Flint River Ranch, Sojourner Farms, Strong Point and Show Coat. Natural supplements Missing Link, Prozyme, PetCentRx. Advice from natural pet care practitioners.
Aunt Jeni’s
Paw Naturaw is America's first certified organic manufacturer of a complete line of frozen raw diets: Grass fed organic bison, organic beef, organic chicken, and organic turkey diets.
Libby's is proud to offer USDA organic dog treats. We are committed to the development of organic products. Hand-made wholesome treats from our loving kitchen to your best dog.
Home made treats from our dog bakery. These dog treats contain 100% human-grade ingredients and no preservatives. A variety of shapes, flavors, and sizes are available for the gourmet pet.
Canada, Saskatchewan
Carnivora offers you a variety of simple, convenient-to-use products to maximize your pet's health. A rotation of the Carnivora Whole Animal diets can be fed as a total diet for pets with no specific medical problems.
Florida, Tampa
Natural pet care products from Halo provide pets with everything they need for great health. Our products include food, treats, supplements and grooming supplies made with ingredients found in nature.
Australia, Victoria
Veganpet is a complete and balanced dry pet food that contains no animal products. It provides a real alternative to processed animal foods and is priced comparatively.
Veganpet New Zealand
New Zealand, Auckland
All raw ingredients used in this food are of human grade quality and where possible organic.
Complete Natural Nutrition makes treat solutions for dogs & cats with specific health issues like diabetes, overweight, finicky, allergies or on restricted diets.
The Honest Kitchen
Producing a line of 100% natural, human grade, dehydrated raw diets for dogs and cats with non-GMO, hormone free and some organic ingredients.
We offer: All Natural Pet Food (Evo, Canidae, Fromm, Innova, Orijen, Evangers, Merrick, California Natural, Wellness)
We offer all natural, super premium dog and cat food. We provide free home delivery. If your dog has allergies, we can help!
Feed This, Inc!
Homemade raw diet, delivered to your home on a 1, 2,4 & 8 week rotation always made fresh. Raw food for dogs & cats for over 10 years. On staff veterinarian & nutritionist.
Grandma Mae's Country Naturals makes nutritious, premium natural pet food for dogs and puppies and all natural pet food for cats and kittens.
Fuzzies Kingdom is home of organic products for chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, degus. We offer healthy organic treats, syringe feed, homeopathic pet remedies.
Search the largest selection of organic pet food for dogs & cats! Search & compare over 15 organic pet food brands and 100 plus organic pet food products from multiple retailers. offers veterinarian formulated products by Dr. Jane Bicks that are inspired by nature and made using good science. Our holistic products provide healthy pet nutrition for your pets optimal health.
Belgian Pup Bakery
Maryland, New Market
We provide organic & all natural, handmade & oven baked dog treats using only 100% human grade ingredients. No chemicals, GMOs or artificial anything-just simple, pure ingredients!
New Jersey
All natural pet supplements to boost your pet's immune system and help prevent and treat joint damage.We ship to continental USA. Auto ship discounts available.

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South Carolina

Private label manufacturer and wholesaler of all natural human grade 100% Made in USA premium pet treat products. 

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Endurapet specializes in natural dog supplements, including our cat vitamins, Herbal Ear Wash, Mobility Plus, Immune Support and Daily Multi, made with wholesome and natural ingredients.Formulated with safe, meaningful ingredients, always in proper concentration for your special friend’s health. Veterinarian recommended for your dog or cat, for all life stages. Made with love in Colorado, USA.

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K-9 Kraving

K-9 Kraving makes all natural, raw dog food and healthy chews and treats. K-9 Kraving is the first USDA inspected dog food manufacturer and uses only fresh, human-grade ingredients - manufactured 100% in the USA. K-9 Kraving frozen raw dog food does not contain any: preservatives, dyes, added sugars, cereal grains, glutens, nitrates, chemicals or soluble carbohydrates. Treats are sold online and the complete line of dog food is available through distributors.  

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Since 1995, Timberwolf has produced rotational pet foods that simulate the natural diet of wild canines and felines. Studies have shown that dogs and wolves share 99% of the same DNA. Domesticated dogs have the sharp teeth and short digestive tracts of their wolf ancestors, and are therefore able to metabolize higher levels of animal proteins and fats. Cats, true carnivores, have even shorter digestive tracts than dogs. Animals in the wild naturally gravitate toward raw food sources that will provide the amino acids, vitamins and minerals they need.

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