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Located in Northeast Iowa - the heart of United States farming, many antique barns sit idle. Often, the land owner has several farms and that particular barn is located on a distant property or is too small to use. We locate, inspect and dismantle these rural landmarks and work with you to transport them to their new homes.
We seek to provide personalized service to our customers as we creatively blend the past and present together. Preserving old barns so that their splendor may live on as your dream home. Reclaiming vintage materials to help save our environment for the future.
Since 1970, George Yonnone Restorations has restored antique timber frames for historic homes, barns and log cabins, all across the United States. We have been carrying on a centuries old tradition of itinerant timber frame specialists, bringing the expertise to the work.
Colonial Barn Restoration specializes in restoring timer frame barns including copulas, roofs, sills, and structural work.
Berkshire Barns, Inc. works exclusively in the art of historic structural restoration. Our team of craftsmen practice old world building methods to reproduce the look, character and feel that only an antique can offer.
Great Lakes Barn Preservation offer barn restoration, preservation and repairs. We also move barns.
Antique Woods specializes in barn restorations, barn home conversion, small barn homes, barn home designs.
Windy Hill conducts on-site inspections, detailed architectural investigations and historic research to determine the original appearance of both the interior and exterior of a structure. The initial consultation is free.
Welcome To The Barn People! We love barns! Vintage Barns, Historic Barns, Barn Moving, Barn Relocation, New England Barns, Timber Frames, everything barns!!!
A company which has built an excellent reputation by providing expertise, conscientious service and meeting the customer's needs. It provides our customers with personalized and specialized historic building services.
Extensive directory of barns and barn wood for sale. Add a listing and start buying or selling barns, barn materials, and barnwood furniture now!
Old barns, old log cabins, wood floor for sale listings.
The Foundation for Historic Building Rescue, Inc. offers buildings and structures for sale to raise funds to restore and re-erect buildings of historical significance that have been slated for demolition.
Old barn classifieds. This section of The Barn Journal is a listing of barns, materials and related services organized by state or province.
An educational/historical/agricultural site for the education, recreation and entertainment of the community and visitors.
A Connecticut trust for historic preservation project.
Dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of traditional farm architecture. The Barn Journal is the first web site with general information about barns and traditional farm architecture.
Friends of Ohio Barns has established an endowment fund to help support the organization's various barn programs.
A non-profit foundation created to preserve historic architecture and create awareness of its inherent value to our changing community.
We are a nation-wide, non-profit organization coordinating preservation efforts to save America’s Historic Barns. Our members are farmers, city dwellers...
The Michigan Barn Preservation Network is committed to rehabilitation of barns for agricultural, commercial, residential, and public uses.
on-profit organization working to preserve and reuse historical barns.
The online resource for historic preservation, building restoration and cultural resource management in the United States & Canada. Our goal is to foster the preservation of historic buildings, historic downtowns and neighborhoods, ...
A non-profit organization formed for educational purposes. The coalition is dedicating to promoting the appreciation, preservation, rehabilitation, and re-use of historic barns.
CountrySide Restoration LLC specializes in refurbishing and restoring aging barns and buildings. We are based in southeastern Minnesota; however, due to high demand we do offer out services on a national level.
Mainly round and octagonal barns.

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The Barn Saver
John High is the Barn Saver. He rescues old barns and other buildings by dismantling them for use elsewhere.
ACR Roofing

ACR Roofing work to eradicate asbestos from our customer's housing structures. We can conduct a proper roof replacement to ensure that your house is safe, enviro friendly and looks great. 

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IOWABARNSAVERS.COM finds barns and other out buildings on farms in the upper Midwest (Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, etc). We tag and disassemble these historic buildings and prep them for shipment to your build site where they can be reassembled per tags and provided instructions and used as the start point for you new home, business or recreational place. Pictures of barn frames on iowabarnsavers.com. Prices are set per square foot and vary with wood type, amount and condition. Call Iowa Barn Savers at 563-880-4627.  

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