Duda Diesel Alternative Energy Supply Store is a professional supplier of the necessary chemicals, filters, pumps, tanks and Viton® hoses required for producing & using biodiesel to home brewers and biodiesel businesses. We also supply other alternative energy equipment such as solar water heaters. We also supply various chemicals for other small projects & industrial applications, as well as solenoid valves, stainless steel plate heat exchangers, and many other various, hard-to-find products. We strive for excellence in customer service and ship our products daily right to your door.
Modular kid-mounted processors capable of producing batches of biodiesel from (both waste and fresh) vegetable oil ranging from 25 Gallons to 400 Gallons per batch.
We manufacture high quality, cost effective Biodiesel processing equipment and accessories using top quality materials for products that perform well and last a long time.
Small scale biodiesel equipment.
We carry a large selection of Biodiesel home brewing supplies, equipment, literature, soap, bumper stickers, decals, and more.
Biodiesel equipment, 'veggie boost'er, conversion kits, ...
BDI BioDiesel International provides solutions for the industrial use of renewable resources.
Small scale biodiesel equipment plus logistic support. Renting of equipment.
Biodiesel retail map for USA
The single purpose of this site is to provide a list of places in the UK where people can fill their diesel vehicle with Biodiesel.  It will grow to be a comprehensive list of outlets - not just filling stations.  It will list only fuel outlets which supply Biodiesel which can go directly into any diesel engine without engine modification.
SeQuentialBiofuels, LLC is a biofuels marketing and distribution company with several offices in Oregon. In partnership with regional fuel distributors, SeQuential provides commercial biodiesel and biodiesel/petroleum diesel blends for heat, power and transport to businesses, governments and individuals.
We sell high quality commercial biodiesel that meets ASTM standards.
Dynamotive has invested heavily in developing patented alternative energy solutions designed to provide green fuels and environmentally safe energy sources using biomass and waste products (cellulosic materials) instead of food sources.
Methanol recovery systems for Biodiesel and glycerin to meet ASTM standards. Custom design in carbon or stainless steel for capacities of 5-150GPM.
Production, research and development of large-scale biodiesel plants.
Biodiesel equipment and refining solutions. JatroDiesel refineries are capable of producing Biodiesel from a variety of oils such as Soy, Corn, Sunflower, Peanuts, Jatropha, used cooking oil, Yellow Grease, Coconut and Rapeseed.
Proprietary technologies and exclusively licensed technologies in the areas gas-to-petrochemical products via synthetic gas or methanol and synthetic fuels, gas generation and treatment, petrochemical intermediate and end products, biofuels as well as food and oleochemicals.
Biodiesel equipment and refining solutions. JatroDiesel refineries are capable of producing Biodiesel from a variety of oils such as Soy, Corn, Sunflower, Peanuts, Jatropha, used cooking oil, Yellow Grease, Coconut and Rapeseed.
Blue Sun Biodiesel is a breakthrough agriculture energy company, developing oilseed energy crops and production and distribution networks to bring high-performance biodiesel fuel to the west-central United States.
First biodiesel plant in the Pacific Rim, located at the Central Maui Landfill.
D1Oils objective is to become a global sustainable, low cost producer of biodiesel and supplier of crude vegetable oil and to achieve and maintain low production costs and consistent, high volume, quality output. The Groups strategy is to control and manage its operations on a regional basis by securing plantation rights and establishing refinery operations.
AgriFuels provides biodiesel producers and marketers with the quality processes and software to increase profitability by monitoring and controlling their quality processes.
Grease Works! is an independent biodiesel cooperative based in Corvallis, OR, dedicated to providing renewable fuel alternatives to our community.
Salem's first non-profit biodiesel co-operative.
Retail of biodiesel.
From plant design to safety and quality control, Home Made Biodiesel explains everything you should know about making biodiesel on a small scale.
The NBB is the national trade association representing the biodiesel industry as the coordinating body for research and development in the US.  FAQ's, fact sheets, database, ...
The Alternative Fuels Data Center is a one-stop shop for all your alternative fuel and vehicle information needs. This site has more than 3,000 documents in its database, an interactive fuel station mapping system, listings of available alternative fuel vehicles, links to related Web sites, and much more.
Topics include: biodiesel, connecting, straight vegetable oil, events, other alternative energy sources.
As the national trade association for the U.S. ethanol industry, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has been working as the "Voice of the Ethanol Industry" since1981 to secure a strong marketplace for ethanol.
Founded in 1994, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote renewable fuels for automotive transportation through consumer awareness and government liaison activities.
The European Biodiesel Board also known as EBB, is a non-profit organization established in January 1997. EBB aims to promote the use of biodiesel in the European Union, at the same time, grouping the major EU biodiesel producers. Legislation, statistics, etc...
The ABI animates and promotes commercial biofuels projects in all countries of the European Union and supports biofuels business projects worldwide. Specifically for European Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises we offer our services as international networker and our contacts to the European Commission and international organizations.
L'association souvre à  l'ensemble des membres utilisateurs de Diester à  30%, et notamment aux entreprises, qui choisissent de plus en plus le Diester pour alimenter leurs véhicules de service.
The Earthrace is a bid to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat. What makes this challenge remarkable is that the boat will be powered by biodiesel, a new generation fuel made from canola and other biomass and a hybrid drive train employing a combustion engine and electric motors.
Personal conversion experience, SVO vs biodiesel, travel experience, ...

Biodiesel - Free listings

How to Make Biodiesel is a site dedicated to giving you the information you need to make biodiesel at home, safely, economically and easily.
Circle Biodiesel and Ethanol Corporation develops technology and produces equipment for the biodiesel and ethanol industries.
Manufacture total solutions for biodiesel production with a capacity of 1 000 to 228 000 litres per day.
Growdiesel is a very high quality premium Biodiesel. Growdiesel is a cleaner-burning alternate to diesel fuel made from natural, renewable sources such as non-edible Jatropha and Algae oils.
New England Biodiesel
New England's Premier Biodiesel Equipment Suppliers. We are Massachusetts and New England's only 'Gold Certified' Biodiesel Distributorship for the "FuelMeister" line of equipment and Biodiesel Solutions' second largest dealer.
Biodiesel Equipment: Large-scale
Crown Iron Works
We offer: biodiesel production equipment ,extraction equipment, soybean processing equipment, de-hulling machine, oil refining process, soybean oil production process.
Spectro Scientific

Rugged, portable, easy-to-use analyzers for ethanol in gasoline, biodiesel in diesel, FFA/water in feedstock, total glycerides during production, water in methanol.

Biodiesel Suppliers – Free Listings
Bioroute Limited
UK, Norfolk
Specialist Biodiesel suppliers involved in the production distribution and marketing of Biodiesel in the UK and Europe.
Retail and Wholesale/Bulk (delivered) ASTM quality biodiesel supplier serving California and Northern Nevada. We can deliver any quantity from 5 gallons to 25,000 gallons or more.
Blue Sky BioFuels
California, Oakland
Biodiesel production, free waste grease collection service, grease trap cleaning service, biodiesel for fleets.
Biodiesel Resources
Biodiesel Additives
Chemiphase Ltd
Chemiphase manufacturers biodiesel additives i.e. pour point additives, antioxidants, pH correction chemicals and many more.
Italy, Treviso

A leading company in the design and construction of biodiesel plants small - medium and large production capacity. Research and development of high technology process and processing vegetable oils new and exhausted. pilot plant test and analysis product. 

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