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Carpool, rideshare and hotel accommodation sharing for conferences, cultural events and concerts. We have built a matching engine that can be customized for other purposes.
Carpooling; Ride Sharing; Commuting, we make it easy to find rides to work - school - church - events and more! Completely automated.
Boulder CarShare is volunteer based and nonprofit. It owns several cars strategically parked around Boulder.
City CarShare is a Bay Area nonprofit on a mission to provide convenient, affordable access to cars so that we can reduce individual car ownership"”and improve the environment.
Victoria's provider of transportation choice and mobility without car ownership. Located in downtown Victoria, James Bay, Fairfield, Fernwood, Oak Bay and at the University of Victoria. More locations to come.
Car sharing for business! It's a great money and time-saving alternative to taxis, a car service, employee car reimbursement, or a company fleet.
The four local authorities of Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire has teamed up withliftshare, the largest implementer of car sharing systems here in the UK to form a ground breaking and innovative partnership in the form of
Be green: share a car, travel for half price, share the cost of traveling throughout the UK.
The UK's FREE Car Sharing and transport information service. The online journey matching service that finds you traveling companions. Be S.M.A.R.T. - Save Money And Reduce Traffic.
Free to use UK liftshare site. Share your car with others on regular or one-off journeys and save money as well as the environment.
Car sharing in Germany
Drivers and passengers find each other easily "¢ Build confidence thru PayPal identity exchange Share Expense "¢ Earn Money "¢ Travel cheap in a civilized carpool.
Top carpool and ride sharing site in the US, also serving Canada. Free, easy-to-use, large user base. Long distance, commuter, and local listings.
A commuters search engine. Search to find a carpool matching your commute. Discuss carpooling and other related issues.
Launched in 2000, pioneers the fastest, most precise, and most informative worldwide trip matching process possible, using exclusive patented technology.
Actively promote the development of rideshare programs
OhioRideshare gives residents from 13 counties in Northeast Ohio the ability to identify potential carpool partners quickly and securely. Registering with OhioRideshare is free and gives you the power to conduct searches for potential carpool partners online.
South Florida Commuter Services promotes alternate modes of transportation as an option for the daily commute. SFCS is an agency of the Florida Department of Transporation.
Go Vermont is a resource for commuters who want to reduce the cost and environmental impact of driving. The program features a free carpool/vanpool matching service, ridesharing tips, and other practical information on getting around by biking, walking, bus, train and ferry.
A free carpool matching service for commuters and employers in 125 towns in New Hampshire and Vermont.* We offer free carpool matching, Emergency Ride Home benefits, park and ride information, on-site displays for employers and public events...
Rideshare community for Europe
The complete site for Indian commuters providing online search for CarPool. Save fuel, money, environment, reduce traffic.
At Zipcar, you can drive and rent cars by the hour or day. Includes gas, insurance, and parking. MINIs, VWs, BMWs, SUVs, pick-up trucks and more. Simply reserve online and drive away! Don't own, lease or rent a car, Zipcar. Also for business.
Car-sharing for the twin cities.
PhillyCarShare provides cars by the hour from convenient neighborhood locations throughout Philadelphia
CityCarClub is the UK's leading operator of pay-as-you drive car clubs, consultancy and support services
This site gives information, advice and support to communities, local authorities and partner associations developing car share clubs across the UK
There are now car sharing companies in most of big cities of Canada.
An informal shared public interest consortium which has been created under The Commons and the New Mobility Agenda to serve carshare operators world wide, potential start-ups, policy makers, local government partners, researchers, public interest groups, cooperating transporters, concerned citizens, and others interested both to learn more about carsharing and how it works, as well as latest developments in the field internationally.

Car Sharing - Free listings

Share your Ride
Free ride sharing board. Find carpools and lifts, meet other travellers and split the costs for your road trip.
Amovens provides a free platform for drivers to sell open seats in their cars, while allows users without access to a vehicle to travel cheaply and reduce their carbon footprint.
Join the increasing community of drivers who find pay-as-you-go motoring cheaper, more convenient and less hassle than owning their own car.
Carpool One
Australia, NSW, Sydney
Australia's free carpooling server for individuals and corporate / organisations.
New Zealand
Jayride helps you get around New Zealand. Find or share a ride to anywhere you want to go. Find one-off rideshares or regular carpools. Travel cheap and green. Transport shouldn't cost the earth!
Rent cars from people in your community. Rentals by the hour. Nationwide car sharing. No membership fees. Insurance included.
Getaround is a social car sharing service! Rent cars by the hour from people around you. Or start renting out your car today and earn cash. Full insurance is included.