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For more than 15 years, Renew Carpet Cleaning has set new standards within professional cleaning services throughout Dublin, by offering efficient and flexible cleaning solutions. Our service is focused on understanding and exceeding the requirements of each customer and on offering the latest methods, tools, and materials to ensure we provide a fresh, clean and healthy environment for our customers. At the same time, we closely monitor our various procedures to ensure that we minimize the impact on the environment. 

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Knockout Cleaning & Restoration
California, Newport Beach
Knockout Cleaning & Restoration uses only eco friendly and green certified cleaning solutions. Safe for kids, pets and the entire family!
Dr Green Carpet Care
Georgia, Atlanta
Atlanta's environmentally safe, residential and office carpet cleaning. We offer eco-friendly: carpet, upholstery, pet stain and odor removal services. Contact Dr Green today!
Organic Carpet Care
Texas, Liberty Hill
We provide safe and natural carpet cleaning in Austin Texas. Our low moisture cleaning process uses no solvents, no petrochemicals and no soaps or ...

At Pinnacle Eco Clean, we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly products. We prefer to use the term “eco-friendly” over “green” because “green” seems to be used as a marketing ploy all too often these days. It means that we use practices in our business that are environmentally sound, or “green”. Our primary cleaning agents are safe for people and pets. Many products we use are actually plant-based, while others use safer solvents that are orange-oil based. Rinsing your carpet with a clear water rinse leaves your carpet as residue-free as possible.

Eco Clean Solutions was made in 2009 as a cleaning business in Dublin to both the private and business divisions. We have encountered an incredible interest for this specific kind of cleaning administrations and figuring out how to address the needs of the quickly developing client base.

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