Micro Hydro Power

The world's largest manufacturer of metal waterwheels and waterwheel kits.
The Hydrocoil Turbine™ with ribbon drive technology provides low head hydro-electricity from renewable energy - clean, eco-friendly, and non-polluting water.
Our high voltage micro-hydro units are ideal for remote sites where water is available a long distance from power needs. These units can produce from 30W to 3600W continuous power.
Canyon Hydro produces highly efficient, reliable turbine systems for generating hydroelectricity.  We manufacture a wide range of small hydro systems up to 15 megawatts, and provide custom design and machining for new or replacement turbine components.
The Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to reducing the impacts of hydropower generation through the certification of hydropower projects that have avoided or reduced their environmental impacts pursuant to the Low Impact Hydropower Institutes criteria.

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Manufacturers of the PowerPal range of micro-hydro products from 200 watts to 20kW AC.
Provider of innovative designs for Darrieus water turbines.
We have years of experience in the design and manufacture of Kaplan, Propeller and Francis turbines for projects ranging in output from 100 kW 25 MW.
Manufacturer of custom built hydroelectric turbines from 1 KW up to 10,000 KW with manual or electronic governors with overspeed protection. Dependable Turbines has installations all over the world.
Manufacturer of cost-effective water powered generators in the 1kW range.
Micro-hydro developer, manufacturer and consultant since 1988.
Supplier and installer of water power equipment ranging from 200 watts to over 1 MW.
Our extensive knowledge of both pumping applications and hydropower systems allows Gilkes to offer innovative, customised engineering, across numerous products and industrial applications to meet the individual requirements of an expanding worldwide customer base.
Segen is one of the UK's leading installers of micro-hydro water turbines and Segen's knowledge is second to none and we have many working systems to prove it.
Platypus Power
Manufacturer of micro hydro turbines, generators, controllers & ballast loads.
Development and production of turbines and equipment for small scale hydropower projects.
HydroWatt GmbH
Specialists in the design and manufacture of micro hydropower plants of various designs and sizes.
As a leading supplier of technology and equipment for small and medium sized hydropower plants, WKV has decided to make a significant contribution to such a sustainable future.
GUGLER Water Turbines is a global supplier of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines as well as the complete electromechanical equipment required for the implementation of small hydropower plants on a turn-key basis.
We are an engineering and equipment supplier (turbine, generator, automation, electric auxiliaries) for microhydro power plants.