Ocean Power

Aquamarine Power specialises in marine energy conversion and its commercial applications. Our business goal is to stimulate and supply global markets for large-scale wave power farms.
We developed and operate Limpet, the world’s first commercial-scale wave energy device that generates wave energy for the grid.
Oceanlinxs core patented technology is an Oscillating Water Column (OWC) device, based on the established science of wave energy, but one which "“ when compared to other OWC technologies "“ offers major improvements in the design of the system, the turbine, and in construction technique.
We provide wave energy buoys replacing diesel generators in remote areas. The buoys solve the problem of transporting diesel oil - and the associated cost of so doing.
Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is focused on developing and commercializing its CETO wave energy technology which is capable of producing zero-emission power and desalinated water. CETO technology is fully submerged and generating power onshore rather than offshore.
A systems integrator and a developer of free-flow turbine systems that generate utility and village-scale electric power from natural underwater currents.
The Blue Energy Ocean Turbine acts as a highly efficient underwater vertical-axis windmill. Sea water is 832 times denser than air and a non-compressible medium, an 8 knot tidal current is the equivalent of a 390 km/hr wind. Developed by veteran aerospace engineer Barry Davis, the vertical-axis turbine represents two decades of Canadian research and development.
Rotech is Lunar Energy's appointed Technical Collaborator and they are responsible for the technical development of the technology. They own the Intellectual Property Rights and have granted Lunar Energy an exclusive worldwide license to commercially develop the technology.
Formed to develop technology for exploiting flowing water in general and tidal streams in particular. The goal is both to arrive at cost-effective and reliable power systems and to develop these commercially on a large scale.
Wave Hub is a groundbreaking renewable energy project in the South West of England that aims to create the UK's first offshore facility for the demonstration and proving of the operation of arrays of wave energy generation devices.
Sea Solar Power is an innovative company that has designed an economically efficient system to harness the solar energy from the tropical oceans to generate electricity, produce desalinated water, and to grow a variety of food for most of the world's population.