Electricity Usage Monitors

Electricity Usage Monitors - Free listings

Blue Line Innovations
North Carolina
Start saving on your electricity bill right away with a PowerCost Monitor. As seen on the Today Show, the PowerCost Monitor is easy to install.
P3 International
USA, New York
Manufacturer of the well-known Kill A Watt electricity monitor series. Products include: P4400, P4460 EZ, P4320 PS (Power Strip), P4480
Peak Software
USA, Arizona
PEAK Software has developed a unique software solution that brings together two industry-leading products; TED (The Energy Detective) and Control4 home automation systems, creating a powerful energy management system for your home.
Watts Up
USA, Colorado
Watts up? are "plug load" meters that measure the amount of electricity used by whatever is plugged into them. Fast, intuitive and easy-to-use, Watts up? quickly and accurately measures any 100- 250 VAC device.
T.E.D. The Energy Detective
USA, South Carolina
TED is a real-time energy monitor that can help reduce your electric utility bills. The Energy Detective will make your home more environmentally friendly, power efficient, and can save you money.
EnergyHub produces smart, simple, and cost-effective energy management tools that strengthen the relationship between consumers and utilities.
Consisting of display, monitoring, control and network devices, the Tendril suite of products opens a dynamic, two-way communication between utilities and their customers.
Brultech Research
Canada, Ontario
Brultech.com manufactures energy consumption monitors, residential powercost monitors and electricity logger for energy auditors and conservation specialists. These devices help reduce the electric bill.
Energy Aware
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
The PowerTab family of meters wirelessly connects utility service providers to their customers, offering real-time energy use data and cost feedback. Built on the Zigbee open global standard.
Building on the success of the OWL wireless electricity monitor, OWL is now launching a range of devices that can help reduce the amount of electricity you are using and so help to reduce your electricity bills.
Onzo provides utility companies with customer intelligence solutions. The Onzo smart energy kit combines data capture, an uploader app, behaviour change software modules, web components in utility website, and an in-home display.
Green Energy Options produce a range of products that will make energy visible and help both homes, schools, businesses etc manage, understand and reduce the about of carbon dioxide they produce. User installable.