Dye Solar Cells

3GSolar is a leading developer of solar energy using dye solar cell photovoltaic technology with first applications for off-grid rural areas. DSC is a cost-effective alternative to silicon and thin film-based systems, providing an environmentally-friendly solution that produces electricity efficiently even in low light conditions.

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Solaronix is the leading supplier of Dye Solar Cell components and specialty chemicals. With hundreds of customers trusting in our products, and over 15 years of experience, we offer worldwide deliveries to universities laboratories, research institutes, companies and large corporations.
Man Solar
The Netherlands

Man Solar has modified the components of the Grtzel cell so that a solar cell can be built with the aid of hibiscus leaves, black berry juice or black currant, "toothpaste titanium dioxide", ...

Focused on developing nanoscale materials for large applications including the solar energy, display and vision markets. Our materials can boost the absorption of sensitizing dyes by several orders of magnitude; potentially making Graetzel cells more efficient than silicon at drastically reduced manufacturing costs.
G24 Innovations aims to personalise solar power by leading the development of a global market for extremely lightweight, flexible solar cells. Dye sensitized solar energy.
Greatcell Solar
Dye solar cells. Can be used in any solar conditions.
American Dye Source, Inc. offers pure fullerene, fullerene derivatives, and polythiophene derivatives for use in the R&D and production of organic solar cells.
Dyesol is an international leader in the commercialization of Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology, bringing DSC to the forefront of the solar industry. Dyesol offers a holistic DSC solution comprising a wide range of products and services including materials, consulting, R&D, contracting, licensing, training, laboratory facilities,...