Solar Thin Film

Thin-film silicon based solar panels with superior performance.
Flexible thin film amorphous silicon solar panels. Monolithic integration manufacturing process reduces manufacturing and installation costs.
United Solar's unique thin-film solar cell technology achieves unprecedented levels of efficiency for amorphous silicon solar cells through the use of proprietary triple-junction spectrum-splitting cell design. Its advanced roll-to-roll manufacturing process uses a flexible stainless steel substrate that enables low-cost production and the development of many types of light-weight, robust, flexible and rigid solar cell modules.
Nanosolar has developed an advanced body of thin-film technology based on design and process technology innovations in six areas: nanostructured components, printable semiconductors, solar-cell architecture, flexible substrate technology, cell-interconnect technology, and roll-to-roll process technology.
Thin film CdTe solar panel manufacturer. CdTe offers the advantages of increased production with high temperatures and diffused light compared to conventional solar modules.
Nanosys is an industry leading nanotechnology company developing products based on a technology platform incorporating high performance inorganic nanostructures. One potential product is a new type of solar cell that performs like a traditional solar cell, but can be configured like a light weight, flexible plastic.
Thin film technology and integrated systems. Copper-Indium-Galium-diSelenide (CIGS) photovoltaics.
CIGS thin-film photovoltaics.
Building factory which will produce thin-film with efficiency up to 16%
Solibro GmbH is a joint venture between Q-Cells AG (Germany) and Solibro AB (Sweden) with the objective to commercialize CIGS thin film solar modules. The CIGS technology of Solibro is based on extensive research and development carried out at Uppsala University.
FLISOM aims to produce flexible thin-film solar cells with low-cost roll-to-roll manufacturing technology. Our solar cells are based on the compound CIGS, which absorbs light extremely efficiently. Tiny amounts of material and energy are required for their manufacture, and light-to-electricity conversion efficiencies are high.
Applied Films is a leading provider of technologically advanced thin film deposition equipment and service. Developing and implementing innovative coating solutions we are supplying high-tech markets such as the flat panel display and the solar glass industry. Nano technology.
Oerlikon Solar offers field proven production solutions for thin film silicon solar modules based on its extensive experience in thin film mass production technology. The fully automated high yield, high uptime and low maintenance solutions focus on reducing device cost and maximizing productivity.
Solar Thin Films, Inc. is a manufacturing and engineering company specializing in the design and construction of high-tech equipment and turnkey production facilities for the manufacture of "thin-film" solar photovoltaic modules.

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Stion’s Elevation Series panels represent the convergence of high-efficiency thin-film materials and product design with scalable manufacturing. Our panels have been optimized to provide the lowest cost of electricity, ease of installation, and reliable power output.
Solar Manufacturing Equipment: Thin-film module production lines and Turn-key solar factory.
Leybold Optics
USA, North Carolina
Leybold Optics is a global leading supplier of vacuum deposition equipment for thin film photovoltaics. This includes systems for coating flexible and rigid materials.