Solar Concentrators

Ultra thin optical structures that capture, transport and concentrate sunlight. Light is redirected onto tiny slivers of PV at the edge of the optic - not underneath. Eliminates the bulkiness of traditional CPV systems
Our technology incorporates inflated photovoltaic collectors to enable solar energy farming at well below the cost of coal and other non-renewable energy sources.
The Liquid Solar Array system is based on floating solar collectors made mostly of plastic. Each has a very small area of silicon photovoltaic cells at the water surface with a large, thin plastic focusing lens rotating slowly above to track the sun.
JX Crystals champions Thermo and Solar Photovoltaic products that work together to generate heat and electricity by combining renewable solar energy with the most efficient use of fossil fuels. Infrared-sensitive gallium antimonide (GaSb) photovoltaic cells.
Solar 'panels' that blend solar concentration and tracking with transparent transistor technology. Can be visually well integrated on buildings.
Prism Solar Technologies, Inc. manufactures a new type of photovoltaic module that uses transparent holographic optical elements in its design. This innovative, patented holographic technology, collects and spectrally selects useful wavelengths from the sun and focuses them onto the cell to create electricity.
Stellaris' concentrating photovoltaic glazing (CPG) uses passive optics to concentrate light, reducing the amount of photovoltaic material required and greatly reducing the cost of photovoltaic modules and building-integrated systems.
ENTECH provides advanced solar energy technology for a variety of applications, ranging from day lighting systems for commercial buildings to solar power arrays for spacecraft. Our inexpensive Fresnel lenses capture the sunlight, and focus it onto small solar cells, thereby reducing electricity costs compared to conventional flat-plate (planar) solar energy approaches.
Pacific Solar Tech uses advanced dome-shaped lenses to concentrate sunlight 10 times onto small area solar cells (only one tenth of the lens size).
Day4Energy develops proprietary photovoltaic (PV) technology solutions enabling affordable, efficient grid-connected PV energy systems. Highly efficient solar cells, BIPV applications, solar concentrator technology.
Innovative and ground breaking SunBall™. Incorporating a high efficiency (>30%) solar energy concentrator, automatic dawn to dusk Max kWh Tracking™ internal 2 axis tracking system and Cool PV™ low operational PV cell temperature.
Under the name FLATCON®, we offer complete, turnkey concentrator photovoltaic power plants on the commercial level.
Using innovative photonics and low-cost manufacturing processes, HyperSolar is developing the world's first thin and flat solar concentrator for standard solar cells.
Free-piston power generation, combined heat and power, and cooling technology for the government, military, and commercial markets based on the Stirling cycle. Solar dish technology.
Our two thermal Concentrating Solar Power technologies, SkyTrough™ (parabolic trough) and Linear Power Tower™ (linear Fresnel) employ arrays of reflectors that focus 50-100 times the Sun's normal radiation onto heat-absorbing pipes.
Solar power tower configuration which captures and focuses the sun's thermal energy with thousands of tracking mirrors. Heated molten salt is then stored, maintaining 98% thermal efficiency, and eventually pumped to a steam generator.
Leading provider in the design, manufacturing, integration and deployment of solar thermal renewable energy systems that address the cooling, heating and power needs of residential and commercial markets. Solar troughs, space heating and cooling, de-salination, vacuum tubes, ...
Parabolic trough technology.
High-precision parabolic mirrors for solar power installations.

Receivers for solar thermal power plants.

BrightSource Energy develops utility-scale solar power projects that utilize its unique, proprietary solar technology, Luz DPT (Distributed Power Towers) 550, to convert sunlight to electricity.
Construction and operation of large-scale solar thermal power plants. Specialised in parabolic trough and solar chimney power plants.
CSP-news offers news and events on the Concentrated Solar Power industry, as well as providing the only social network for professionals of CSP to meet, network, share information and do business.
Development of concentrated photovoltaic plants in Spain.
Areva Solar offers solar thermal electric power stations that provide large-scale low-cost, reliable, renewable energy. Areva's technology is proven, easily manufactured and installed, and scalable to high volume.

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Sopogy manufactures MicroCSP™ solar concentrator technology. MicroCSP™ uses mirrors to intensify the energy of the sun for electricity production, solar air conditioning and process heating.
North Carolina
Semprius is developing low cost, high performance concentrator photovoltaic modules to make solar power generation economically viable in sunny, dry climates.