Old and new windmills and towers.
American Windmills is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and sale of the Old Farm Style Water Pumping Windmill and Hand Pump systems. We specialize in the AERMOTOR Windmills with a rebuilt motor that has oil seals and roller bearings.
Aermotor windmills and windmill repair parts. We stock everything you will need to pump water for livestock with a windmill.
Windmill sales and service.
Big Country Windmills Specializes in antique, vintage, and used water pumping windmills and towers. New Fiasa, Dempster, and rebuilt Aermotor windmills and parts. Windmill Consultation.
Serving Northeast Nebraska, Iowa South Dakota and beyond with Aermotor windmill, grain bin and irrigation sales, service, repair, maintenance, restoration and rebuilding
We have been serving New Mexico with unmatched service & products since 1976. Williams Windmill Inc. aims to achieve the highest standards of quality and care for our customers 100% of the time. We are proud to offer American made products when available or requested by our customers.
We have been in the windmill business since 1968 and install, repair, and service windmills all over the United States.
We sell water pumping WindEngine windmills.
Queensland Windmill and Solar for sales, installation and service of solar water pumps, poly tanks and windmills. Servicing Darling Downs, Queensland and Northern NSW.
High performance windmill water pumping.
Our products, parts and services covers the entire spectrum of wind powered water pumping systems. Our Company represents FIASA the largest windmill manufacturing company in the world.
Were successfully combining space age technology with old-world craftsmanship. Everything about Aermotor is reinforced by a company history that spans 117 years of continuous windmill manufacturing.
Koenders windmills offers high quality water aeration windmill products for pond aeration at affordable prices. Koenders windmills are manufactured from superior materials and supported by an industry-leading three-year warranty.
GB Windpumps are the manufacturers, suppliers and installers of Poldaw Windpumps in the UK.
Windmills and solar water pumps.
The Comet Mill is low in maintenance, highly efficient and a long term sustainable investment. Your initial cost will be your last with a Comet Mill and they require a drop of oil perhaps once a year for maintenance.
Manufacturing and marketing of "Varcoe" windmills. Sold Australia-wide and overseas.
Windmills and windmill water pump makers since 1980.
Manufacturer of water pumping windmills.
Our windmills use an extraordinary new concept: the Rotary Principle.
Southern Cross Industries manufactures a range of water pumping windmills varying in size from 2.5 to 7.5 meter in diameter with a range of windmill towers to suit most terrain types.
An extensive illustrated site about windmills, (especially in the UK). Includes mills for grinding, pumping, and electricity generation.
Since 1982 readers worldwide have enjoyed reading Windmillers' Gazette articles dealing with all aspects of wind powered pumping. The magazine presents articles on selecting, installing, and maintaining water pumpers, as well as on the preservation and use of historic wind machines which remain scattered throughout rural and urban areas across the world.
Building a variety of windmills that will pump water or generate electricity is detailed in this book and it shows you how to produce this renewable energy source.
An international organization which is dedicated by its constitution to: "promote interest in old mills and other Americana now quickly passing from the present scene. It reports to its members through a quarterly magazine...keeps files and maintains a library on mills...and acts as a clearing house on milling information among all those interested." Guide to historic mills
Vintage Windmills On Line Magazine - dedicated to the history, preservation, and restoration of the American Style Windmill. Discussion list.
This site has been designed to share records and history relating to traditional mills and milling. It contains many thousands of digital images and documents as well as extensive databases of information.
The Windmill Journal is a quarterly newsletter devoted exclusively to promoting the history of water-pumping windmills in Australia and New Zealand. It is written and published by the Morawa District Historical Society in Western Australia.
The goal of the Mid-America Windmill Museum is to preserve the history of our culture from the evolution of wind power, through the working of the American Windmill, to today's modern technology.  Video presentations, personal tours of the working and still-life displays, photographs and informational areas, hands-on displays, and an on site library will give our visitors a variety of activities to utilize while learning about our past.
The American Wind Power Center, located in Lubbock, Texas, is an institution dedicated to the history and preservation of the American-style windmill, and furthering the awareness of the benefits of wind power.
These windmills are representative of the actual mills used in this part of Texas. Each has been restored to the mills original condition and each functions as designed. Spend as much time as you wish, walk around or just drive thru. Some windmills are always in operation. New ones are being added as they are restored.

The Morawa Museum's collection of Australian made and imported windmills is steadily increasing and at the moment consists of over 40 different models in various states of restoration. As they are restored we mount them on short towers for display.