Cob Houses

COB Together offers natural building workshops for all ages. We bring people together to teach the empowering skills of building with cob, strawbale, and papercrete.
Our Cob and Natural Building workshops will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience along with the confidence to incorporate natural design and building into your life.
We conduct hands-on research on natural building methods and materials, testing our own buildings by living in them. Through practical trainings in natural construction, we help empower ordinary people to build their own houses at moderate cost. By mail and phone, and through publications and tours, we supply information, support and inspiration for people to make healthy choices about buildings.
Info about cob networks, workshops, initiatives, etc.
Cob Workshops is a free listing for cob building and cob related workshops. Opportunities to get yourself covered in mud, learn, and meet people interested in cob.
Cobworks is committed to building beautiful, affordable structures with natural and local material in a spirit of cooperation and social responsibility. can provide a building team to create your home from foundation to plaster. Workshops.
We specialize in building materials for the repair and conservation of traditional buildings. We aim to encourage people to protect not only their investment in a property but also more broadly the architectural heritage and skills that it represents. We supply natural building and decorating products worldwide.
Back to Earth is an expanding business based in Devon, specializing in the new-build, repair and restoration of cob buildings throughout the South West of England. We offer a complete service and work closely with interior designers for the finest internal finishes.