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The Cheshire village of Ashton Hayes (pop. 1000 approx.) is aiming to become the first small community in England to achieve carbon neutral status.
Working towards a thriving, creative and resilient community based on energy efficient systems and abundant renewable resources. Their initial focus is on reducing our carbon emissions through improving energy efficiency and increasing the supply of renewable energy.
Ionia is a small scale multi-generational village environment located on 100 acres of spruce forest on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Ionia is a guide and model for fundamental and sustainable change in our approach to mental health, well-being, agriculture, family, community, and environmental awareness.
Using co housing and ecological principles, the members of Milagro are committed to providing a people and earth-friendly neighborhood. The group has purchased a 43-acre undisturbed desert site located in the Tucson mountains - just twelve minutes west of downtown Tucson, Arizona.
Manzanita Village is a resident-developed, cooperative neighborhood, modeled after the Co housing communities of Denmark.  Residents take an active part in planning and designing our village.  We are united by mutual desires to know our neighbors, live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and enjoy a safe, friendly atmosphere for ourselves and our families.
Tierra - Nueva CoHousing is a 27 unit complex consisting of passive solar homes, clustered on five acres in Oceano, adjacent to Halcyon. Our project was finished February, 1999 and includes a shared Common House, gardens and organic avocado orchard. We are a community that operates on consensus.
Intentional community/urban retrofit co-housing/mini-ecovillage.
The scope envisioned for EarthArt Village is that of a small scale homesteading project that embodies the principles and demonstrates the practices of sustainable "village" life to the benefit of its members and to others locally, bioregionally and beyond. 480 acres, located in the Northeast San Luis Valley. IN FORMATIVE STAGES.
This co housing project utilizes a very successful architectural model, with houses designed and built near the street with front porches and use of the interior area for common facilities. This project has been E-Star rated and is Green Built Certified by the HBA.
A group of people who are converting from nursery business into an ecofarm.
We aim for a continually evolving high quality of life for each resident, high quality of interaction with one another, and ecologically responsible, harmonious relation with our natural environment.
Cypress Villages is an innovative sustainable development with a focus on green homes, permaculture landscaping and community.
"In 1978 former members of the Findhorn Community in Scotland set out to start a new community in the U.S. - a "Center of Light" - a community of spiritual renewal grounded in ecological living."
We are a group of people dedicated to creating a place where resources are shared, lives are simplified, the Earth is respected, diversity is welcomed, children play together in safety, and living in community with neighbors comes naturally.
While Dancing Rabbit is still a small community in the pioneering stage, we call ourselves an ecovillage because our vision is of something much more than what we currently are. We intend to grow to be a small locally self-reliant town of 500 to 1000 residents, committed to radical environmental sustainability. We will be housed in a variety of living arrangements, eat a variety of foods, and work on varied projects. It will be a society flexible enough to include egalitarian communities, co housing, and individual households.
A small, closely-knit, supportive family of friends who work and play together, Sandhill Farm was started in 1974. We highly value growing most of our own food through organic and biodynamic methods, and have developed a spiritual connection with the land and each other.
This community is 95% independent of the cost and global effects municipal utilities. They produce their own energy, harvest their own water, contain and treat their own sewage, manufacture their own bio-diesel fuel, grow much of their own food. Their buildings heat and cool themselves and are made utilizing discarded materials of modern society.

Intentional community dedicated to exploring and modeling innovative approaches to ecological and social sustainability. We're creating a unique habitat which includes

co housing, organic agriculture, cottage industries, an education center, and natural areas, preserving and restoring over 80% of the land as green space.

Cincinnati Ecovillage is a group of people who have come together because we have a strong desire to create a residential community based on the social principles of co housing and the environmental principles of sustainable living that characterize an ecovillage.
EcoCity Cleveland is a nonprofit environmental planning organization that promotes the design of cities in balance with nature in Northeast Ohio.
A community of people fostering a sustainable urban neighborhood that promotes social, economic, and fun-filled lives contributing to preserving the planet.
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is a vibrant farming and handcrafting community that includes adults with developmental disabilities living and working side by side, to create a dynamic and caring community for people of all ages and varied abilities.
"A whole systems immersion experience of ecovillage living, together with classes of instruction, access to information, tools and resources, and on-site and off-site consulting and outreach experiences."
Cobb Hill is an intentional community of people who want to explore the challenge of living in ways that are materially sufficient, socially and ecologically responsible, and satisfying to the soul. As a rural community, we try to practice sustainable land management—organic farming, ecological forestry, minimization of waste.
Twin Oaks is an intentional community of around 85 adults and 15 children living on 465 acres of farm and forest land in rural Virginia, USA. Since the community's beginning in 1967, our way of life has reflected our values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality, and ecology.
A co-housing community with geothermal heating and cooling and local organic farming resources.
Abundant Dawn intends to be a large community (possibly 40-60) made up of four or five smaller subgroups, which we call pods. Pods are small enough for all the members to sit in a room together and make a decision. Decisions regarding such important matters as membership, children, housing, and level of economic cooperation are decided at the pod level, with input from the wider community when appropriate.
A rural community of people living on the same plot of land and managing business together.
A residential community under development in the Northern Virginia countryside, 9 miles north of Leesburg and 5 miles from the Point of Rocks commuter rail station serving points in MD and Washington, D.C. We are sited on 180 organically certified acres of beautiful rolling hills.
The Quarries eco Village. Practicing the Principles of responsible Environmental Design, Building, and sustainable Community Development.
Welcome to one of America’s most unique residential communities, dedicated to quality residential living and the land preservation. Broomgrass features 16 one acre home sites.
An urban community that fosters mutual support and cooperation while respecting privacy. We welcome diversity, encourage ecologically responsible living, and value active participation in the larger world. Located in Takoma, a neighborhood in the northwest area of Washington, DC. A diverse group of 43 households, singles and families, who are committed to community life and environmental responsibility.
A Project to develop a Bioregional Intentional Community, a Rural Cohousing Development...
We are dedicated to researching and modeling sustainable ways of living which are rooted in social, economic, cultural and ecological well being. O.U.R. Eco Village offers a healthy and supportive learning environment for people of all walks of life wishing to share information and inspiration around living in community and living lightly on the land.
Huehuecoyotl Eco-village A.C. is the project of a group of people of various nationalities dedicated to the modeling and research of lifestyles based on ecology, the arts, true democracy and the practice of holistic health methods which address the well being of individuals and communities in a sustainable ecological balance.
We are a community striving to live sustainably. We host eco-friendly retreats and visitors interested in eco-tourism. Photos and info on website.
"This is why these Eco-Villages will not be either places to run away from society or set up small Edens. They will be places that will function as living laboratories (lavore et ore). Eco-Villages do not intend to be a closed and self sufficient system. Each Eco-Village aspires to be an Eco-Spiritual center for our transformation."
For three decades, Gaviotans - peasants, scientists, artists, and former street kids - have struggled to build an oasis of imagination and sustainability in the remote, barren savannas of eastern Colombia, an area ravaged by political terror. They have planted millions of trees, thus regenerating an indigenous rainforest. They farm organically and use wind and solar power. Every family enjoys free housing, community meals, and schooling.
"We are an educational charity striving to achieve the best cooperation between the natural, technological and human worlds. We test, live with and display strategies and tools for doing this. CAT has a holistic approach to its work, integrating ideas and practice relating to land use, shelter, energy conservation and use, diet and health, waste management and recycling."
Spiritual community with strong environmental commitment. Lots of workshops, hosts an an annual ecovillage education program.
Combines the traditional smallholding model with the latest innovations in environmental design, green technology and permaculture.
A project dedicated to building a rural clustered housing development to the best standards of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. We have identified a site for this innovative development. Members of the company have selected this site through a process of consensus decision making.
The project at present is only in an embryonic stage. We have started by purchasing a beautiful one hectare (3 acre) piece of land 8km from Coin in the south of Spain. There are ten resident voluntary project workers living on the site and developing the land into the garden paradise we are aiming for.
Spiritual eco-village with emphasis on meditation.
"Tamera is a cooperative of people who work for the future with the intention to build a model for a nonviolent culture. Our goal is to build a research settlement where the most important themes of a new, sustainable culture concept are developed. "
Der Verein hat 70 aktive Mitglieder und etliche Fördermitglieder. Grundlage unseres Zusammenlebens an diesem Ort ist der Wunsch, ein harmonisches Zusammenleben miteinander und mit der umgebenden Natur zu entwickeln.
Initial members came together in 1999 with a common vision of creating Ireland's first ecological village. Since then membership has grown to almost 40 households which vary from single people to families with both young children and teenagers.
A lot of information in the website of this spiritual community with strong environmental commitment which planted more than 1 million trees to reforest their once-arid land. They also produce eco-friendly products.
A development of co-ownership of surrounding lands and application of permaculture.
Whyalla is South Australia’s second largest city and is now diversifying into exciting new industries such as aquaculture, sustainable development and renewable energy technologies. Project includes: clean energy, storm water retention, water recycling, ...
Illabunda is a unique residential housing project which brings ecologically sustainable living into urban Sydney.
Construction is well advanced on New Zealand’s first sustainable Eco-Neighborhood project, incorporating the principles of Co housing and Permaculture. Located in Waitakere City Auckland New Zealand, this innovative non-profit development combines beautiful Rammed Earth walls, eco-technologies, healthy non-toxic materials and neighbors who care!
A non-profit community group that aims to use and promote environmentally friendly technology. We are interested in renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and water; building with natural materials and conserving energy. The ATA has around two thousand members across Australia, conducts regular meetings, workshops and courses, and produces a range of educational publications.
"Founded in 1994 to: support the development of sustainable human settlements, facilitate the exchange of information amongst the settlements, make information available about eco-village concepts and demonstration sites. 'Gen Resource Database' is an extensive collection (> 500 records) of relevant Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Web links etc."
The purpose of the Urban Ecovillage Network is to engage urban neighborhoods throughout the world in the process of re-inventing how we live in cities, to be more ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable.
A pilot model demonstration of how to live in a real New World consciousness of sharing on all levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Features: A few growing climates for agriculture, you name it we are growing it organically, two pure water year-round springs with exclusive water rights, irrigated fields, nearby natural forests, improved/natural pasture land, wild/cultivated fruit, private road access and wideband Internet access.
Directory of intentional communities in the USA.
Is an organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage the co housing concept, support both individuals and groups in creating communities, provide assistance to completed groups for improving their systems for living together in community, and provide networking opportunities for those involved or interested in co housing.
A network of communal groups spread across North America. We range in size and emphasis from small agricultural homesteads to village-like communities similar to the Israeli kibbutzim.
To coordinate the exchange of information and resources between NW intentional Communities and others.
The book Communities Directory: A Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living is the essential reference tool for those interested in finding or creating community. Compiled once every 4 to 5 years by the nonprofit organization the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), this is the eagerly awaited successor to earlier editions, which sold over 36,000 copies.
This site will help you understand: What exactly cohousing is and how it differs from other forms of intentional community. Developing your own cohousing community is a big challenge: it's been compared to getting married or having a baby! So informed realism is an essential need for prospective cohousers.
The main source of information on communal living in Britain - intentional communities, cohousing projects, housing co-operatives, eco-villages and utopian lifestyles.
Promotes the creation of cohousing communities as a model for sustainable development by raising public awareness about cohousing and by bringing people together to form communities.
A whole systems immersion experience of ecovillage living, together with classes of instruction, access to information, tools and resources, and on-site and off-site consulting and outreach experiences.
For EcoVillages development, EcoSystems, Inc. provides master planning, capital formation, properties acquisition, ecological/economic technologies, approvals, project management, construction and marketing services.
An architecture and development consulting firm that creates communities that cluster private homes around extensive common facilities.
The training is based at the Findhorn Foundation's demonstration ecovillage is in 8 separate modules, which may be attended as a whole or separately. It is a capacity building programme, designed to make optimum use of the information available from the Foundation's Ecovillage Project, and to provide a practical forum for learning, and for developing action plans.
A nonprofit research and educational organization that provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies. Since 1974, ILSR has worked with citizen groups, governments and private businesses in developing policies that extract the maximum value from local resources.
Worker and housing co-op registration and support.
EcoLogical Solutions consultancy and education. We provide design consultancy and education in the disciplines of sustainable living.
Build healthy, just, and sustainable communities through education, training and multi-media communication tools.

Communities and EcoVillages - Free listings

Un unofficial peek into Dancing Rabbit ecovillage.
Port Townsend EcoVillage
Washington, Port Townsend
Small-town ecovillage on 7.5 acres in Port Townsend: permaculture, NVC, consensus, sustainability unite us. Five lots for sale: join our vibrant community and build your eco-home.
Gaia Education
UK, Scotland, Findhorn
Offers sustainable development education by developing curricula on sustainable design, working within and drawing from ecovillages and creating online courses.
Bellbunya Community
Australia, Queensland
Bellbunya Community is an ecological and consciously evolving community, established to model ways to create a relocalised and sustainable future.
In the magical Andes mountains near Cuenca, Ecuador, Gaia Sagrada offers affordable housing rentals, retreats, and a place to enjoy the REAL Ecuador countryside. Gaia Sagrada is an organic farm producing Quinoa and many vegetables. Having enchanted forests, sunny pastures, fireflies and moonlit walks, this is a place to relax and enjoy life! Housing from $150 - $250 per month in beautiful Ecuador. We also have a Build it Forward program so you can build your own place. Hot tubs, Sauna, Yoga Room, Movie Room, Community Center, Communal Kitchen, Hiking, Retreats, Hammocks, Campfires...  

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An ecotourism organization based in Northeast India which promotes responsible tours and adventures to exotic places.
Sieben Linden
Sieben Linden Ecovillage is a trend-setting intentional community project. Since 1997 we are implementing sustainable lifestyles, taking into account ecological, cultural, economic and social issues. We share our experiences and knowledge with the public through a diverse range of educational offerings.