Computer Recycling (Re-Use)

Computers are one of the main sources of hazardous chemicals! Make sure your computers and computer monitors get re-used or recycled properly.
See detailed materials composition of a Desktop Personal Computer and Life Cycle Assessment (EPA)

See also: Computer Recycling Centres in UK

These businesses and organizations accept donations of used equipment for re-use, not just for scrap recycling. Many accept even broken equipment and will repair it. If items cannot be repaired they will be recycled in a responsible way (inquire about this as this may vary over time).

A Regional and National Exchange board where you can easily offer to donate your

used computer and office electronics equipment to a tax exempt nonprofit


Computer Renaissance stores sell new, refurbished, used and custom built laptop

and desktop computers and offer computer repair, consulting, computer

networking, and IT services.

National Cristina Foundation (NCF) provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives.

Computer Aid recycles unwanted computers from Britain for use in schools and

community organisations in developing countries.

Computer recycling and re-manufacturing to help students.

We give free refurbished computers to schools, non-profit organizations, and economically and/or physically disadvantaged individuals.

Technology product philanthropy service just for

nonprofits. Thanks to our partners' generous product donations and discounts, TechSoup Stock is able to facilitate and distribute multiple product philanthropy programs in a centralized, Web-based platform.

Re-use by donating working parts to

local schools, proper recycling of other parts. Data destruction. No charges for

recycling, removal, ...

CRC takes all computers, network, telephone, test equipment, cell phones, office electronics and industrial electronics - working and nonworking - and warehouse overstocks of parts and equipment. Computers & Education reuses laptops and computers in community programs, nonprofits, and schools.

Goodwill offers computer and electronic recycling and refurbishment programs for individuals and businesses. We refurbish donated items in working order and sell them affordably in our stores or make them available to community groups. Non-working components are broken down and recycled in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Extronex, Inc. is a used IT and Lab Equipment Remarketer. We buy, sell and

remarket used equipment.

Accepts newer and older computers and related equipment such as scanners, fax machines, VCRs, monitors and printers. Re-usable computers are donated to non-profit organizations through the Jared Polis Foundation while older models are disassembled and recycled. A fee is charged to help cover the cost of collecting, shipping and recycling these items.

Community Computer Connection "C3". The C3 team refurbishes computers

that are donated from corporations, organizations, and individuals, and provides

them for free to qualified nonprofit organizations and schools throughout


Computer refurbishing, recycling, donations, etc. We accept donations of computer equipment. Our volunteers test and restore them to working condition. We provide the refurbished/upgraded computers to other charitable organizations and educational institutions.

Materials for the Arts (MFTA) provides over 3,000

New York City (NYC) arts programs, artists and art educators with materials and

art supplies donated by area businesses that no longer need them. Computers and

accessories must be immediately usable.

Computers for Youth is a New York City-based non-profit organization that places computers into the homes of disadvantaged children and provides them and their families with a network of support services.

They only accept at least 50 computers per donation.

FreeGeek Columbus provides computers and training for limited-resource populations in Central Ohio through redistribution of used equipment and the use of Free Software. FreeGeek Columbus is committed to Free Software, responsible electronics recycling, and community engagement.

Non-profit community organization providing free computers and education to those in need through the reuse and recycling of old computers. Any computer equipment, working or not, can be donated to Free Geek; we will repair and reuse what computers we can. Non-functioning computers and scrap will be recycled responsibly.

Free Geek Penn is a non-profit organization that recycles used technology and provides computers, education and access to the internet to those in need in exchange for community service.

Internet training and technology for developing communities, - donate websites to non profit and non governmental organizations in developing countries InterConnection.

Free Geek Olympia is a volunteer organization that recycles used technology to provide computers , education, and access to the Internet to those in need - in exchange for community service. We currently serve Thurston County and plan to serve the entire south Puget Sound region.

Information about electronics recycling in


Computer Recycling (Re-Use) - Free listings

Zak Enterprises
California, Santa Clara
We offer: secure compliant IT recycling for enterprises, law firms, banks, hospitals and university customers.
Newport Computer Services
New Hampshire, Rochester
IT assets & computer recovery & recycling specialists. Safe & secure disposal of e-waste. Quality refurbished computers & other computer parts.
LifeSpan Technology Recycling
Massachusetts, Wellesley
LifeSpan is the one-stop, nationwide solution for retiring unwanted technology assets.

TCG is a total recycler of electronic scrap, by-products and other components related to the manufacturing of technological products.
California, Rancho Dominguez offers a electronic recycling services to California businesses.

Offers computer and electronic recycling services for

residential and commercial. We recycle laptops, monitors, PCs, phones, televisions, and more.

Computer and electronics recycling for businesses and individuals. Milwaukee based, covering all of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. See our web site for more information

Not all computer recycling is the same! Have commercial trucks come to you facility. Our professional employees do all labor & logistics. E-Cycle Environmental guarantees complete data destruction.
Serving Texas and national clients, Technocycle will process all amounts of computers and IT related equipment. Re-usable computers may be consigned or purchased. 713-895-7409
CompuPoint USA LLC
Georgia, Norcross
Since 2004, Compupoint has been a leader in asset management and recycling and reuse of a range of end-of-life and obsolete computers, computer monitors and other electronic equipment.
NextStep: Recycle computers, educate the public and provides refurbished to low income people.
PC Renewal
West-Virginia, Morgantown
PC Renewal is a company specializing in recycling and disposing of retired computer and office equipment.
eRevival LLC
New Jersey
Computer recycling, hard drive shredding, on-site hard drive destruction, off-site hard drive destruction, on-site tapes shredding, free computer recycling, free monitor recycling.
eWaste Center, Inc.
California, Los Angeles; Washington, Seattle
25 years of experience in customer service, downstream due diligence, collection services, data destruction and donation programs. We collect and recycle all electronic products.
Missouri, Illinois
We recycle/refurbish donated systems from local/national organizations and companies and residents by fixing or replacing what may be broken and putting it back into the community for educational use.
SBK Recycle
Washington, Tacoma; Utah, Salt Lake City
We offer free computer, electronics, TV and monitor recycling.