Corn Stoves - Furnaces

Corn, pellet, wood burning stoves. Alternative heating methods.
The Kernel Burner furnace burns shelled corn, renewable and easily accessible commodity. Also sell other brands.
Specialized in corn stoves
Rural Energy Products sells stoves, fireplaces and furnaces at our Van Wert, Ohio showroom. We specialize in bio mass heating appliances that burn corn, pellets etc. We serve customers primarily in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
Distributor of Amaizable Stoves and LMF corn furnaces.
Corn Flame Energy manufactures corn burning stoves, corn burners, outdoor corn stoves & corn stove boilers.
Glowboy Corn Pellet Stoves, free-standing corn stoves.
The Envirotec corn stove can heat your home safely and efficiently for a bushel of corn per day. All of our stoves use a direct vent for exhaust so no chimney is required.