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We manufacture geodesic dome kits, greenhouse kits, and yurts. For a multitude of uses, recreation, food supply, and alternative housing. Also offer a low cost compost toilet.
A book of detailed shop drawings and simple formulas for building wood framed, 3v icosa, panelized geodesic domes. Includes text of entire book and sample plans for free download.
As the American Ingenuity dome is purchased in kit form, homeowners with no prior construction experience can build their home. Our simplified building process consist of placing a row of panels, overlapping the steel mesh from adjacent panels and filling the seam with concrete. Our concrete domes have received the EPA's Energy Star rating.
Aluminum domes & roof systems engineered for a new millennium.
Domes Northwest is the authorized dealer for Natural Spaces Domes, Inc. in the northwestern states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. Our geodesic dome home kits are built using Natural Spaces' Super-Wal and Super-Lok system.
The Upgraded Econ-O-Dome Framing Kit and Building System is designed to be assembled and completed by the novice owner-builder. The Upgraded Kit is the result of 18 years of dome home manufacturing and building by Faze Change Produx.
We produce the strongest, simplest to erect, and the best dollar value of any dome on the market. Three best qualities all found in one single product: Hubless system. Instead of getting a pile of lumber, you receive a set of triangles specially engineered to simply fit together with no leaks. We use the system Bucky (Buckminster Fuller) originally designed: using triangles that press against each other to create a structurally sound, wind resistant dome. Our double strut design gives our domes more strength.
The Growing DomeTMGreenhouse grows fresh, organic vegetables year round. The most energy-efficient, backyard greenhouse available today.
At the heart of our dome home system are the Super-Lok© patented connector system and Super-Wal double strut framework. Natural Spaces also has several independent authorized dome dealers around the country. Also: Dome building school
Builders and consultants of geodesic dome construction. We have over 28 years experience building this unique structure. We have built most kits, all profiles and offer custom designs not found in most standard "kit" packages.
Energy and resource efficient, our panelized building system does "more for less." Oregon domes for sale
Kits and plans. Building.
Kits. All wooden components of a Timberline Dome are pre-cut and pre-drilled to exacting specifications, and color-coded to make it easy for unskilled people to assemble them with precision and confidence. Two people can complete the framework for even the largest dome in less than two days. Ease of Construction Without Skilled Labor or Heavy-lift Equipment.
Domes that you can build and enjoy for greenhouses, solariums, studios, workshops, emergency shelters, observatories... Catalog of products we sell, with lots of photos and drawings of our geodesic domes and domes made by others.
We combine the sacred geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller with our progressively designed covers to bring you this futuristic Zen structure. Our Domes illuminate with natural light creating an atmosphere of being close to nature in a comfortable environment. From Michigan winters to Arizona summers, people live comfortably in our Domes.
Our portable Geotensic™ and Yurt Dome™ structures are truly portable shelters, similar to the Mongolian yurts. Our Shade Structures can provide shade when covered with our sun blocking Shade Covering. Our Solar Structures collect solar energy when covered with our translucent Solar Greenhouse Coverings. Shelter Systems is dedicated to providing portable, affordable and environmentally friendly solutions to shelter and gardening needs.
Design, sequence of construction, aerial views, interior pictures, energy usage, lessons, reflections.
Kits. Industrial, commercial, residential. Exports.
Originally founded in 1982, Igla-Desic has pioneered innovative solutions to the challenges of this technology based on hands on experience. Igla-Desic has two distinct components with engineering and development in Alberta and manufacturing and design based in British Columbia.
Geodesics Unlimited can design any geodesic structure to your requirements. From tents to houses.
Glass domes. The world-renowned unique production range of small scale aluminum framed geodesic domes. Over 30 Years experience make us your number one choice for strong, attractive, free standing enclosures. Domes are in New Zealand, Australia, United States, Norway, France, Switzerland, Israel, Spain, and Italy.
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Forever Dome Homes
Canada, British Columbia
We offer a unique approach to dome building, very strong, very build-able, very affordable. The sculptural monolithic dome blueprint is an engineered, permitted structure.
Geo-dome design and build wooden frame geodesic dome kits that can be used for a wide range of buildings from small greenhouses to very large commercial buildings. With lots of information about dome building techniques, including dome calculation tools, plans and a forum were budding dome builders can get inspiration.
Articles and information about building geodesic/geometric domes
Geodesic domes for sale or rent on Spain's Costa Del Sol.
Lodge Tech
We manufacture geodesic dome kits, greenhouse kits, and yurts. For a multitude of uses, recreation, food supply, and alternative housing. Also offer a low cost compost toilet.
Dome Guys
Offering high quality dome homes, event domes, and geodesic greenhouses. Impress your guests with a unique, eco-friendly space customized to fit your lifestyle.