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Find earthship home information, workshops, rentals, various designs and info about the Greater World Earthship Community.
Describes earthships, which are made of recycled tires filled with various types of soils or mineral materials, and employ aluminum can walls embedded in mortar, representing natural, sustainable buildings, with pictures and related resources of books, videos and links.
If you're looking for an alternative and easier building technique to the rammed earth tire (earthship) home or to the traditional stick built, tied to the utility grid home, the tire bale house may be for you. We are building our home in western Colorado similar to the "earthship" concept created by Michael Reynolds but with several changes, many which use conventional building techniques.
This Earthship is located at 8,000 feet in the Zuni mountains of New Mexico. Our Earthship is earth sheltered and uses the sun to maintain a comfortable temperature in the dwelling. Without any mechanical heat source or cooling mechanisms our house automatically maintains an internal temperature between 62 and 75 degrees year round.
It is the aim of Sustainable Communities Initiatives to demonstrate the Earthships performance in the Scottish climate, as well as the costs involved and the best route through planning and building control. Earthship tours
Low Carbon Network is a UK based not for profit company established to raise awareness of the links between buildings, the working and living patterns they support, and global warming. Our first project is to build one of Europe's first Earthships, sited on the south coast near Brighton.
Dutch earthship foundation.

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Description of the complete building of Ohio's first earthship.