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Larkspur Lingerie
Larkspur is the creation of Amanda Bear to bring her vision of comfortable lingerie with an understated sexiness to fruition in beautiful eco-friendly fabrics. Seeing that our chic designs are produced responsibly, Larkspur locally sources soft eco-friendly fabrics to be lovingly hand sewn in Los Angeles. High quality organic cotton, repurposed silks, and stretch laces form the base of their palette, allowing for the perfect blend of sex appeal, comfort, and style.

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Maathai Organic

Based in essence, Maathai Organic proposes a line of organic underwear with a look into the life of a renewed way. In a world of information overload, it’s time to disconnect and re-connect, to relax and live a simpler life. Maathai Organic connects directly with the spirit of Auto reflect and proposes a full collection of women’s foundation garments of meanings that become visible through a conscious look that seeks to protect and preserve the environment by using ecological and sustainable processes. With our philosophy, we do everything possible to ensure that from the growing and harvestin 

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