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Database on environmental action in sports, G-ForSE is a platform for sports federations, sporting goods manufactures, event producers and sports enthusiasts to determine their roles in increasing environmental action and awareness in sports.
Composite materials from sustainable sources, research on plant-based resins etc...

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The Green Microgym
Oregon, Portland
A gym in Northeast NE Portland Oregon that combines solar and human power and offers personal training and fitness memberships.
Whether you ride skateparks or ski resorts, your favorite spots are endangered species... threatened by climate change. Join us and Protect the 360° - your planet, your playground.
Green Grips Organic Cotton Handlebar Tape is manufactured in natural and is made out of 100% organic bio-degradable cotton. Organic Green Grips are great for bicyclists who want a unique product offering that is new to the cycling industry.
Eco-Runner is about running and trash cleanup. It is about carrying a biodegradable bag in your hands and picking up the trash, rubbish, and garbage found along the path that ensues.
Arizona Rafting

Arizona Rafting offers rafting tours on the Salt River for beginners, novice and experts. Our safe professional and eco conscious rafting team shows how our actions can directly effect the local ecosystem. Our goal is to educate and give you and your friends the best time. 

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