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Straw Bale Building Workshops
DVD publisher: A step by step system that shows you exactly how to build a straw bale house.
A design firm promoting the use of straw bale construction.
Architectural services for straw bale and other sustainable methods and materials, as appropriate to your site. Straw bale construction workshops are offered each summer.
Workshops, books and videos.
Check out our How-To pages. We can help in many ways, from architectural plan reviews, design, permits, and leading workshops or work parties. We have free lectures and evening seminars too.
Skillful Means is an architecture and construction firm. We have extensive experience in light commercial and custom residential design and construction, and built the first permitted load bearing straw-bale building in California in 1995.
Fairway Construction specializes in Residential, Commercial, and Straw Bale construction.
Furbish Company delivers state of the art, innovative building systems - systems that offer enhanced comfort and health while restoring the natural systems that support us
Our  focus and intention is designing and building "State of the Art" environmentally  conscious, harmonious and efficient homes and spaces.
DVD publisher: A step by step system that shows you exactly how to build a straw bale house
Straw bale house plans for sale.
Extensive list of straw bale construction resources
Hosts public forums, conferences, and seminars. Conducts and supports research and testing of sustainable technologies, systems, and resource-efficient designs. Publishes educational and informational materials.
Aprovecho Research Center has completed construction of a two-story straw bale dormitory. The goal of the project is to scientifically determine if straw bale construction is a viable alternative here in the moist climate of the Pacific Northwest.
A non-profit organization whose members are architects, engineers, builders, and people interested in straw building. Goal: to further the practice of straw building by exchanging current information and practical experience.  FAQ Page Events, BB, technical info,...
A non-profit group of people like you dedicated to conserving our energy and natural resources by making safe and sound homes of local, sustainably harvested materials. Although "Straw Bale" is in our name, we support the many modalities of natural and sustainable construction.
An organization that employs volunteer humanitarian action to empower American Indian communities, foster cultural sensitivity and understanding, and contribute grassroots solutions to the enormous challenge of improving the dire housing conditions facing many of our nation's reservations.

General information, training courses, testing data for building designers and building inspectors, and referrals to experienced builders and designers.

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Hank and Anita Carr offer a mainstream straw bale construction workshop in a relaxed atmosphere. Their workshops teach the fundamentals of straw bale construction with a hands on approach and are geared to all levels of experience and ability.
Strawbale, earthbag and natural building courses.
Information site and exhibit of straw bale houses in Germany.
Site in English - Dutch - French. Great information resource for activities in Europe.
Das österreichische strohballen-netzwerk stellt sich vor: die erste Adresse zum Bauen mit Stroh in Österreich. Wir bieten Beratung - Service - Erfahrungsaustausch. Mitglied des European Strawbale Network. European straw bale house gallery
The European Straw Bale builders come together once a year, they use a mail server to communicate and there are several European websites on Straw Bale construction.
The association can support projects, stimulate the building of houses, organize/support workshops, give consultancy, educate, mediate, promote etc.. The activities will focus on networking, lobbying and the supply of information.
Resources, links, information regards strawbale building and construction.
The Australasian Straw Bale Building Association. A non-profit organization dedicated to the practice of building with straw. Our members include owner builders, architects, engineers, and those interested in straw bale buildings, sustainable building practices, healthy homes and preservation of the environment.
Straw Bales homes, construction, planning, engineering, workshops, information, and books.
Harvest Homes offers a full range of ecological construction and renovation services to clients in Ontario, Canada and Central America.
We specialize in tailor-made self-build courses on your own site. If you want to build something for yourself we can provide the tuition and support to help you build with your friends, family, neighbours, etc. We have a list of volunteers.
Construction, workshops, image galleries of European straw bale houses.
Imagine Strawbale Constructions also like to work with other sustainable materials such as rammed earth, mud brick, stone and reclaimed timbers. Together the team at Imagine Strawbale Constructions can help you research, design and build a beautiful straw bale home.
Huff'n'Puff Constructions offers many varied services connected with straw bale building and building with recycled materials and restoration of historic buildings.
Strawmark offers a guaranteed and New Zealand tested structural straw bale construction system.
Detailed budget, design and construction, plan. (Cost: $27/sq. ft)
Great showcase blog about the construction and inside details of this straw bale house equipped with solar panels, skylight above shower etc!
We are building two Non-Load Bearing 1800+ exterior square foot Straw Bale houses, modified post and beam using box columns, and are posting photos of our progress as we go.

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Straw bale building journey, 'How to' DVD's, Consulting, guides, ebook, book reviews, weekly blogs and interesting information all related to Eco Friendly, sustainable living.
The official Blog of, a world leader in straw bale education. Your host is Andrew Morrison, a Southern Oregon based contractor specializing in straw bale construction.
Straw Bale House Construction
Offering many straw bale construction services including design, consulting, and training.
Straw Bale House Workshops
Andrew Morrison, creator of, invites you to a 7 day, comprehensive straw bale construction workshop. It's a life experience and so much more than just a workshop.