Extreme Low Energy (Passive) Houses

A non-profit organization committed to designing delightful and energy-efficient buildings to especially serve low- to middle-income families, providing them with safe, affordable, and environmentally healthy homes. Projects. Services: energy consulting, monitoring performance, experimental construction projects, educating.
The Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) is a consulting and research firm working to further the implementation of passive house standards and techniques nationwide by constructing, measuring, and verifying performance of passive houses in all US climate zones, creating design guidelines for passive houses in all climate zones, providing energy calculation and consulting services, ...
Blog maintained by Stephen Tanner, architect of the first passiv house in the USA.
Passive House New England follows the design and build process for a new home being constructed to comply with the rigorous Passive House standard. Chief among the criteria is a 10-fold reduction in space conditioning energy. The project is a collaboration between ZeroEnergy Design (designing the architecture and mechanical systems) and Aedi Construction (the general contractor managing the build portion of the project).
Ziger/Snead offers in-house passive house consulting services registered through the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS). Our firm believes Passive House is the most effective means to design and build comfortable, healthy, durable, sustainable, and energy efficient buildings at an affordable cost.
Cost Efficient Passive Houses as European Standards. Construction of ca. 250 housing units to Passive House standards in five European countries, with in-process scientific back-up and with evaluation of building operation through systematic measurement programs.
The WeberHaus passive house has a solar energy system, controlled ventilation heating and heat recovery, and a European Installation Bus that automatically controls all lights and roller blinds.
Timber frame passive house builder.
MosArt has researched, designed and built the very first passive house in Ireland which is also situated in Wicklow. The partnership comprises of Tomas O Leary a Landscape Architect who is currently living in the passive house and Art McCormack, an Architect / Landscaping Architect.
Database of existing passive houses worldwide. (First American passive house was built in 2003 in Illinois)
Information, research and development of high-efficiency energy systems. Passive house design tools.
Information on Passive Houses: Introduction, case studies, economics, application in stages. Trade fair exhibition in April in Nuremberg, Germany
(Flemish only) Non-profit Association that promotes the knowledge and building of passive houses in Flanders (Belgium).
Plate-forme Maison Passive
(Flemish) Specialized eco builder with good experience in passife house building, services include: advice, building, specialized insulation, blowerdoor testing.
Architect specialized in ultra energy efficient houses.

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ZED is committed to design that uses at least 50% less energy than building code requires, in pursuit of energy independence. The firms namesake and expertise is in designing to the zero energy performance level. Our multidisciplinary team of architecture, engineering and finance professionals takes a calculated, three-pronged approach to green design and sustainability. With two Certified Passive House consultants on staff we offer a complete design service to address your low energy home.

We are a complete mechanical contractor serving Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in heating, cooling, ventilation, and comfort. Our trained staff will ensure your heating and cooling system is sized appropriate for the environment that it is in. We have completed many Passive house projects and are New York's only Passive House certified Mechanical Contractor. 

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