Urban Ecology

“Records of more than 366,000 people who died between 2001 and 2005 were analysed, it revealed that even tiny green spaces
in the areas in which they lived made a big difference to their risk of fatal diseases.” From: Green Spaces Reduce Health Gap (BBC, Nov 7, 2008)

Founded by visionary architects and activists who believed that cities should serve both people and nature. From the beginning, Urban Ecology has used urban planning, ecology, and public participation to help design and build healthier cities.
Livable City works to create a San Francisco of great streets and complete neighborhoods, where walking, bicycling, and transit are the best choices for most trips, where public spaces are beautiful, well-designed, and well-maintained, and where housing is more plentiful and more affordable.
Nature in the City, a project of Earth Island Institute, is San Francisco's first organization wholly dedicated to ecological conservation, restoration and stewardship of the Franciscan bioregion.

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The Urban Wildlands Group is dedicated to the conservation of species, habitats, and ecological processes in urban and urbanizing areas.