Solar Air Heating

Solar air heaters not only can reduce your heating bills significantly (usually 20-30%), they can also help improve the indoor air quality by reducing humidity, increasing exterior fresh-air intake and air filtering.

High demand of these products due to rising heat costs will probably cause delays in deliveries for most of these products, order on time!

Tax credits for solar air heaters are available in many states. More info – USA:

Gov. of Canada – Solar Thermal research & info

Solar forced air heater manufacturer. This heater simply sits in a south facing window inside your home or apartment and they can help you lower your heating bill.
The SOLARWALL heater is available as a modular, do-it-yourself kit that mounts easily onto a south wall or roof. Available both for industrial, residential and crop-drying applications. Also available: combined PV solar air heating drastically reducing pay-back period. Efficiency: 70-80%! In new building projects the payback can be 3 years, in retrofit 6-7 years.
American Solar produces a new cost-effective solar thermal heating system. This system uses simple tile roofing technology to create a large solar collector, at low cost. Solar energy passes through the system's translucent tiles and heats underlying dark colored metal absorber plates.
The SunMate Solar Panel from Environmental Solar Systems is the ideal choice for homeowners that want environmentally friendly and low-cost alternative heat. EASY INSTALLATION!
Cansolair Inc. has developed a forced convection solar heating unit called SOLAR MAX. A dwelling of 1000 square feet can have a complete air change in 1.5 hours. Working experience indicates that comfortable room temperature can be maintained in a 1000 square foot dwelling with 15 minutes of sunlight per hour. CSA approved thermostatically controlled with air filter.
Solar air and water heating systems (Solarsheat), hybrid systems, solar pre-heating and automated heat recovery systems.
These files are a collection of project case studies, including assignments, worked-out solutions (RETScreen Software Analysis) and information about how the projects fared in the real world.
Sun-Lite solar airheater kit: you assemble the components and cut either circular or rectangular duct holes. The airheater can be used in passive thermosyphon mode or you can circulate the air with a small fan and thermostat.
DIY plans to build an inexpensive solar heating panel.
Photovoltaic powered and automatically regulated solar air heater. Residential and commercial systems. No electrical wiring required.
Alliance of companies offering roof-integrated solar space and water heating systems.
Forced convection solar "Sun Lizard" air heater and cooler powered by its own solar panel. The unit has a "summer mode" which will blow hot air out of a building.

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We are a manufacturer of the solar air heating system for residential and commercial solutions in USA. the system is light and easy to install on the wall or the roof
Solar Air Systems, LLC
USA, Massachusetts
Solar forced air heater manufacturer. A solar air system is a new way of transferring heat energy from the sun into your living areas using a U.S. patented "Step-Wise heating technology".
Eco Energy Solutions
Canada, British Columbia
Finally an affordable solar solution to significantly reduce your heating costs.
RREAL is a 501c3 addressing fuel poverty through our Solar Assistance Program, which provides heating assistance to low-income families. Our Solar Design-Build Program supports our Solar Assistance Program. We manufacture our own Solar Powered Furnace, and do solar air heat, PV, solar hot water, and transpired air installations.