Ecological Footprint & Pollution Calculators

Ecological footprint calculators can help you determine the environmental impact of your activities. If you cannot eliminate or reduce the cause of the pollution, carbon offset services may provide affordable options to neutralize your carbon emissions.
Besides ecological footprint calculators, here you’ll find also: calculators for commuting costs, building energy efficiency, solar water heating savings, food chemicals, …

A global, trade-linked analysis on National Carbon Footprints associated with a consumption activity, a product, a region or a nation.
Get a rough estimate or an accurate calculation of your carbon dioxide and other emissions from electricity, gas, oil, car, bus, train, plane, food and miscellaneous spending.
Type in the amount of recycled waste (in pounds) and see the energy savings! Materials covered: paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles.
Calculate your flight emissions. Airline flights are one of the biggest causes of CO2. Here you can calculate precisely the emissions of any airline flight in the world and offset them by flying Carbon Neutral in 3 easy steps.
Three calculators - to calculate your pollutant emissions from your journeys by road, calculate the energy you use on your journeys (in calories), and calculate the full annual cost of car ownership.. Miles/km conversion. For easy mileage (mpg) vs l/100km conversion click here.
Use the calculator to find out the true cost of your own drive-alone commute, or click here to find out how much your commute costs the earth. How much do you spend on your commute? It may be more than you think.
Use the CSG Power Pollution Calculator to find out how much pollution is in the electricity you use every day.
The Cleaner And Greener calculator will return the emissions of your electricity use based on your consumption and the state you live in. This one looks at CO2, VOC, NOX, SO2, CO, PM10, mercury.
This electricity pollution calculator allows you to choose the type of powerplants. Generic appliance electricity calculator.
Find out how much money you can save and the pollution you can reduce by investing in energy efficiency in your home or workplace, from Cleaner And Greener.
The AAA Fuel Cost Calculator estimates the amount and cost of gasoline needed to complete a vacation trip.
On you can keep track of your vehicle's gas mileage history. By tracking your mileage over time, you can see how much money you are spending on gas, how your vehicle's gas mileage is developing, and paint a picture of the overall health of your car!
Here you can estimate energy conservation by improving: attic insulation, windows, heat exchangers, air conditioners with higher SEER, thermostat set-back, etc...
How much would an investment in a solar water heater save you in energy costs?
PVWATTS calculates electrical energy produced by a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system. Currently, PVWATTS can be used for locations within the United States and its territories. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory developed PVWATTS to permit non-experts to quickly obtain performance estimates for grid-connected PV systems.
Score Card lets you indicate where you live and will tell you how much and what is being released in the atmosphere and by who.
Calculate approximately how much energy you burn during the day.
This calculator will help you find out the total cost of your car and how much you might have saved at retirement age should you not have owned a car (you'll get quickly at +half a million dollar!)
Design and develop tools to measure and communicate environmental impact and sustainability.

Ecological Footprint & Pollution Calculators - Free listings

Online database of showing the energy footprint of raw materials, every day products and activities. All energy footprints are converted to Kwh so you can compare everything in the database. Did you know there's enough energy in a 250g bag of gummy bears to drive a family car 1 mile or a jogger 10 miles.

Calculate, compare and reduce your environmental footprint with the world's most accurate footprint calculator in over 150 countries. 100% solar powered, and the first calculator to allow you to validate your friends' footprints. Test your environmental knowledge and then spread the word to build some serious green cred. 

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