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Bookstores specialized in green books: sustainable farming, eco houses, clean energy books (solar, wind, fuel cell, …), used books, specialized publications, …

Hard to find Books on Papercrete - Cob-  Cordwood, Pole, Timber- Adobe, Earthen, Rammed Earth, Underground - Lime, Earth Plasters - Straw bale ,Stone houses, Plus Really Alternative, and hard to find resources too. (Solar/PV, Roofs, Design &Framing, off the grid Heat/Stoves, gardening, Rare and Used books.)
Brick and mortar store with internet sales featuring over 6,000 ecological titles. Books on: animal rights, ecological agriculture, design, economics, history, psychology, endangered species, genetic engineering, green politics, simple living, ...
Solar books, plans, kits
Chelsea Green publishes information that helps us lead pleasurable lives on a planet where human activities are in harmony and balance with nature. Books on: shelter, food, planet, people.
We will source any book on development and development-related issues. If you do not find the book you are looking for, email our mail-order service. Our international mail-order service has been specifically set up to make development books widely available throughout the world. Each year, we dispatch over 20,000 books to over 100 countries.
Thousands of titles on creating an ecologically sustainable, socially just and democratic world.
Online book service providing solutions for living & growing, learning & working in harmony with our environment. All books focus on practical solutions to day to day problems.
Choose from over 500 specially selected books, journals, videos, CDs and products covering many aspects of sustainable living. Subjects include: permaculture, organic gardening, food, farming, smallholding, agro forestry, aquaculture, bio-dynamics, animal husbandry, eco architecture & building, alternative technology, community, earth medicine and lots more.
Good bookstore including own practical publications.
Natural health, mind body spirit, natural living and environmental issues publisher with online bookstore.

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Earth Vsion
Earth Vision - spiritual ecology, exploring nature and soul - first ebook free.