Fuel Efficiency

An authoritative source on fuel economy and hypermiling. This discussion forum is dedicated to increasing fuel economy, mileage ( MPG ), and lowering emissions of whatever automobile you own and drive.
GasSavers is a community of fuel economy enthusiasts. Perhaps you just wish to have a way to track your fuel consumption. Using our garage you can create a profile for your vehicle and start tracking your fuel consumption.
Calculate and track your vehicles gas mileage over time with this easy to use website.
Tips That Help You Increase Gas Mileage and Save Money at the Pump
Gas Mileage, safety, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions for new and used cars and trucks. Improve the MPG of your vehicle with our gas mileage tips. Revised mpg ratings.
The GreenRoad service focuses on prevention and acts as a personalized driving coach providing immediate feedback to help measure, improve and sustain safe and fuel-efficient driving behavior.
crxMPG - a fuel economy resource for everyone (as taught by the Honda CRX) - increase fuel economy through simple modifications and driving techniques that actually work.
A source of info for anyone wondering whether to get one of the Suzuki-designed 3-cylinder fuel economy champs: Geo Metro / Chevrolet Metro, Sprint / Pontiac Firefly / Suzuki Swift, Cultus, Forsa. A source of info about DIY efficiency mods, fuel-efficient driving, and fuel economy in general.

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