Green Building Workshops

Classes in straw bale construction, cob building, solar house design.
Dome building workshops from this geodesic dome builder.
Earthwood has been conducting specialized one- to five-day workshops in Cordwood Masonry and Earth Sheltered housing since 1981, with stone circle workshops added in August of 2000.
Learn the skills necessary to construct your own handcrafted log cabin or home at the Great Lakes School of Log Building in northern Minnesota. Save money, get hands-on experience and gain personal satisfaction by attending one of our monthly workshops.
Workshops: straw bale, lime plaster, earth plaster and flooring.
See for various workshops on their Calendar.
We conduct hands-on research on natural building methods and materials, testing our own buildings by living in them. Through practical training in natural construction, we help empower ordinary people to build their own houses at moderate cost.
The Natural Building School is dedicated to experiential education through building sustainable structures with natural materials.
We run workshops to provide hands on learning experiences and raise awareness of sustainable building.
The Auroville Earth Institute is researching, developing, promoting and transferring earth-based technologies, which are cost and energy effective. These technologies are disseminated through training courses, seminars, workshops, manuals and documents.