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A World-Of Changing Thinkers And Innovators In The ECO- GREEN & SOLAR INDUSTRY AWAITS YOU!!

Atlanta will host, the largest Eco,Green and Solar Expo at he Georgia World Congress, September 16th through the 18th of 2016. Our focus is to ensure an environmentally focused business and consumer expo in the State of Georgia. In addition to visiting over 200 interactive booths with new Eco-Green and Solar products and services, guests will mingle with local, Regional and National companies. Consumers able to see and experience the latest fuel-efficient cars, preview and Eco-Fashion. 

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The Florida Solar Energy Center offers a wide range of courses covering renewable energy and building energy technology topics. Most courses include both classroom instruction and hands-on field experience.
The program has elements of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, air handling, controls and alternative energy. Graduates will assist design, construction, and alternative energy companies to incorporate energy efficiency and management concepts in the design and construction phases of new buildings and building renovations. Graduates will help business owners and home owners realize energy savings in their buildings.

The Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Systems integrates the social, environmental, economic, technical and scientific principles and skills graduates will need to develop, promote and implement new sustainable energy technologies and improve the efficiency of existing systems.

Areas of interest include energy conversion systems, waste and water management, community and shelter design, technology assessment, small scale production systems and technology transfer.
This program brings you into the development of energy-reducing design techniques, renewable energy and manufacturing systems, and better forms of solar energy, fuel cells and biofuels.
Areas of interest include energy conversion systems, waste and water management, community and shelter design, technology assessment, small scale production systems and technology transfer.
The Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology offers flexible & distance learning courses.
The MSc in Electrical Technology for Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems is designed to provide instruction and training in the most recent developments in the equipment and systems used to interface and control renewable and sustainable energy systems.
The University of Dundee is ideally placed to make a contribution to training in this strategic area with its breadth of research expertise that covers the spectrum from solar energy, wind, geothermal and biomass technologies to power management, law and marketing and associated disciplines.

RES Iceland offers an intensive and unique one year M.Sc. Program in Renewable Energy Science. Acclaimed international faculty ensures very high standard and quality. All instruction and correspondence is in English.

The M.Sc. REM is designed to close the strategic gap between thecourses providing training in the technical aspects of renewable energy and the environmental courses geared to sustainability.
The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) welcomes applications from international students who wish to study construction, design and utilization of Wind Energy Systems on an advanced level.  The aim of the Wind Energy teaching Program is to educate highly qualified students and combine topics from traditional civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.
Technological, institutional, and economic issues and methods related to energy planning and sustainable development.

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Eco Achievers
Online Education
Eco Achievers provides enriching education for the sustainable living community. Class topics include renewable energy, solar energy, energy efficiency and green building.
Bbusiness group dedicated to the formation of companies and individuals committed to quality and service. We contribute to personal and business development.
International project feasibility analysis online training is offered, developed from RETScreen; on solar, energy efficiency, geothermal, CHP, biomass, small hydro and wind.
Conserve Energy Future contains articles related to green and clean energy. It provides information related to solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, global warming and recycling. The site aims at providing users with the information related to renewable energy sources. It also provides tips to conserve energy. Apart from this, it also contains articles related to wave, hydro and ocean energy.

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Green Home Source is an online site for anyone interested in green home design, or for those simply looking to lower the environmental impacts of their daily lives. We provide concise, easy-to-understand information on a variety of green home subjects; these include renewable energy overviews, basic concepts of green home design, green landscaping, eco-friendly home remodeling, and green product reviews.  

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