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Last Updated: 03/23/2018

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Manufacturer Listings

recycled lumber painted pine armoires recycled lumber wallcab sawtooth drawer

recycled pine dish dresser

recycled lumber corner cabinet

Cookeville Woodworking

  Handmade pine furniture from reclaimed antique lumber.

The Old Wood Company

 Environmentally Friendly Furniture made from reclaimed wood | Asheville, NC

Vermont Woods Studios

 Fine Eco Green Furniture from
Sustainable Sources.

Sitting Spiritually

  Creating unique, highest quality garden furniture and swing seats through innovative design and attention to detail.

Celtic Viking Furniture 

Ancient culture artwork furnishings in reclaimed antique elm wood.


This furniture is made of wood salvaged from the urban landscape or harvested from well-managed forests.

New England Artisan Gallery 
They reuse old barn and house floors to build farm tables, which
they custom size for their client's specific requirements.

"Peace" grown tree and chair tree living furniture Bench living furniture Table and chair living furniture  

Arbor Smith 

Living – growing furniture
grafted and bent saplings grow to become mature trees. This outdoor
furniture protects the soil, provides shade, houses birds, colerfull fall

Whit McLeod 

Heirloom furnishings from reclaimed lumber. The finest quarter-sawn oak, salvaged from oak wine casks.