Organic Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee has only about 5% of the caffeine levels of regular coffee. Some people are worried about the decaffeinating process which uses hexane, however studies have shown that no residues are left in the final product. More green products have been developed like steam decaffeinating.
Article about caffeine, decaf (chemical process compared to various existing natural decaffeination
processes) & coffee and the environment.
Process details: Swiss Water Decaf, CO2 Decaf Process, “Natural” Decaf (Ethyl Acetate)

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Sweet Maria’s
Our list of raw unroasted decaf coffees available for the home roaster.
Dean’s Beans
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffees from Dean's Beans, the only company paying more than the Fair Trade price for coffee and roasters of premium organic blends of coffee
Organically grown, fair trade and decaffeinated using only natural elements.
Little River Roasting
South Carolina
Buy Swiss Water Organic Decaf Coffee from Little River Roasting. Little River Roasts fresh gourmet coffee every day.
Swiss Water® Process decaf organic & fair trade coffees.