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We sell all kinds of solar ovens on our website starting at $19.95. See our exciting new revolutionary Hybrid Solar Oven with electric plug in backup!
As its name implies, the Sun Oven is a solar-powered roaster that can cook food, boil water and sterilize medical instruments.
Parabolic and box cookers.
Purchase: food storage, solar ovens, outdoor cook stoves, water purification, lanterns, non-hybrid seeds, sprouting, herbs, first aid kits, radios, tents, generators,
Supplier of solar ovens, showers, cookers, and solar electronic gadgets.
International organization website with plenty of information: discussion group, resources, plans, newsletter, photo gallery, international promoters, real audio presentations, country reports... and much more.
Photo gallery of solar cookers.

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Learn solar cooking for enjoyment, good food and save money and resources too.