Eco Friendly Jewelry

“The production of one gold ring generates 20 tons of wastes.” (No Dirty Gold)

Kyler by Joy O :  Sustainable Designer Eco Jewelry

When both style and sustainability are equal priorities, design thrives. Building on the success and renown of celebrity favorite Joy O Designs, Kyler by Joy O offers effortlessly eco chic, environmentally conscious jewelry made with recycled metals and eco friendly artisan glass accents. Our designs are contemporary and evocative, yet subtle and timeless. Get 100% USA made, socially responsible green jewelry direct from our green San Francisco studio. As worn by eco maven Cameron Diaz!

Shining Light Jewelry – Custom Wedding Rings | Recycled Gold, Platinum, Silver
Handcrafted and made to order wedding bands, commitment and engagement rings. Specializing in custom design and "lifejourney" jewelry. 100% recycled gold, platinum and silver, fair-trade gems, conflict-free diamonds.
Danforth Jewelry
Danforth Jewelry is Refined, Not Mined! When you buy a diamond engagement ring or wedding band from Danforth Diamond, you are supporting the effort to preserve our planet's future.
D.NEA synthetic diamond and eco-friendly jewelry
D.NEA proudly offers synthetic diamonds in fancy yellow, blue and traditional white colors. Since they are grown in a laboratory by skilled engineers, they do not have the environmental impact or labor issues of mined diamonds. Our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free and are available in jewelry made of eco-friendly platinum, gold and silver.
Discover stylish eco-jewelry from recycled and sustainably harvested materials. Visit us to find jewelry that shows off your love of yoga, running, hiking and climbing. Or get a unique, fair-trade piece that supports underprivileged artisans. We also carry earth-friendly and organic clothing.
Unique earth-friendly sterling silver jewelry by Josie Lamb.
Gold comes with a price-a heavy one. Gold is costing the planet and its peoples far more than the metal itself is worth. Gold mining is without doubt one of the world's dirtiest industries: it uses cyanide, generates heaps of wastes, and leaves a long-lasting scar on landscapes and communities.
Ethical Metalsmiths was formed for the purpose of stimulating demand for responsibly sourced materials as an investment in the future. We stand for social responsibility, a healthy environment and materials that are consistent with these values.

Eco Friendly Jewelry - Free listings

A socially responsible jeweler offering conflict-free Canadian diamonds, fair trade colored gemstones, and eco-friendly gold and platinum. Offering loose diamonds, engagement and wedding rings, earrings, and pendants.

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Eco friendly jewelry line cast in reclaimed sterling silver and 14k gold from 19th century wax seals. Each sentimental piece is rich in imagery and symbolism culled from heraldry. With meanings ranging from "bravery" to "hope", these pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings make the perfect gift. The Pyrrha flagship store is located at 8315 West 3rd St. in Los Angeles, California. Follow us on Twitter at and on Facebook at
Real Jewels was inspired by the desire to marry beautiful jewelry with a passionate respect for our natural resources. Designed for the person who wants to do the right thing and look fabulous doing it, Real Jewels is where style meets substance. And because Real Jewels is made in New York City of certified 100% recycled precious metals, fair trade gems and conflict free diamonds, you can feel good about indulging your passion for jewelry without compromising the environment.
For jewelry that is environmentally friendly, one of a kind, and beautiful, you have come to the right place! Sea Glass Jewelry - the only "gem stone" naturally made from trash.
Yulemshop offers a unique and intriguing collection of handcrafted eco friendly jewelry, yulem objects, eco friendly art, unusual green gifts, and sculptures. Handmade in the US.
Laughing Girl Arts
Washington, Seattle
Handcrafted jewelry from renewable and reclaimed materials. Featuring bamboo pendants with Asian images and silver work in pure silver reclaimed from photographic processing.
Moonrise Jewelry
Virginia Stylish, high-quality jewelry handmade in the USA with fair trade semi-precious gems, recycled, & renewable natural materials. Free shipping & returns.
Ontario, Canada
Our products include beautiful handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and handcrafts made from tagua (vegetable ivory), coconut, calabash, bamboo and various seeds found in the Amazon.
Eco Artistic Products
(Wholesale) Florida
We supply eco friendly jewelry & accessories handcrafted from rare woods found fallen on the floors of tropical rainforests. No trees are ever cut. Affordable & fun to wear!
California, Burbank
Eco-conscious modern jewelry in salvaged and recycled exotic woods and vintage plastics.
Offering sea glass jewelry that is handmade with genuine sea glass that was worn smooth only by the sea. This jewelry is designed to let your inner mermaid shine.
Paloma Pottery
Turning old glass from trash to class - Paloma Pottery offers a unique sparkling line of eco jewelry and home accessories.
Official retail site of The Leakey Collection. Original jewelry made by Maasai women of Kenya. Eco friendly fashion jewelry and gifts.
Tea Tree Designs
Minnesota, Minneapolis
Environmentalism meets fashion. 100% Fair trade ~ Green ~ Locally made. Repurposed rare finds transformed into urban chic, vintage & natural treasures. 1-of-a-kind, highest quality materials.
Jaszy’s Jewelry
Florida, Sarasota
Jaszy's Jewelry creates jewelry with ethically sourced gemstones, Fair Trade components, and recycled metals, our mission is to adorn, educate, create awareness and foster environmental stewardship.
We offer recycled glass jewelry at wholesale prices. Handmade in USA.
Eco Opulence
New Jersey
Pearl jewelry in classic and contemporary styles. With recycled metals and pearls from sustainable aquaculture, Eco Opulence is fine jewelry you can choose with a clean conscience!
Beautiful Jewelry that doesn't cost the Earth. We only sell Fair-trade and recycled silver and gold Jewelry all made in the USA. We also donate to The HSUS and SeaWebs charities.
Artisanal, unique, sculptural & eco friendly wood jewelry. Via Nativa Imports is a member of Green America & the Fair Trade Federation. Discounts for wholesale orders of $150+!
Raw Eco Jewellery
Canada, Ontario
Raw Eco Jewellery provides sustainable luxury jewellery with ethical, responsibly sourced materials. Come see!
Danforth Jewelry is Refined, Not Mined! When you buy a diamond engagement ring or wedding band from Danforth Diamond, you are supporting the effort to preserve our planet's future.
Diamond Nexus
At Diamond Nexus, we believe smart consumers should enjoy the beauty of a mined diamond without the exorbitant price tag. Our superb quality diamond simulants and synthetic rubies, emeralds, and sapphires rival their mined counterparts at a fraction of the cost. Our mission is simple. Why pay thousands more than you need to when you can buy a product with the same "WOW" factor as a mined diamond, a product that will, like a diamond, last forever and be passed down through generations, all for a fraction of the cost and with no environmental harm?

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Epic Stitching
No metals around here! Just good ole hemp cord, recycled yarns, cottons, bamboo and other 'green' fibers used in these bracelets & necklaces. The only metal you will find is an optional, unnecessary, only there because of demand clasp you can add to your bracelets. Affordability is key, and the trend of layering bracelets is easy with these products starting at $8.00 each (dozens of choices between $8 - $20) with and without beads. Men and women alike are adoring wearing this eco friendly alternative to cheap metals. Almost all jewelry is handmade using an ancient Samurai art called Kumihimo.

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MiaDonna's line of superior quality engagement rings, wedding ring sets, and fine jewelry, are created using scientifically advanced man made diamonds that are lab grown. Our Diamond Hybrid is a hand-cut infused diamond simulant. MiaDonna offers ethical, beautiful, affordable, conflict-free, and eco-friendly fine jewelry.  

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The unique and original brand of Milan (Italy), which manufactures watches and bracelets 100% natural wood. Differentiated with a watch Eco-style! 

Conflict-free engagement rings and wedding rings made from recycled precious metals. Our stone collection includes conflict-free diamonds. Our sapphire collection includes blue, yellow, pink, and white sapphires. 

At Avilan™, all of our Storied Diamonds™ have been re-circulated from the existing world inventory, are sourced in the U.S.A and do not perpetuate violence, unethical labor practices, or environmental degradation as newly mined diamonds do. In 2010 Avilan sought out an independent 3rd party certification company, SCS Global Services, to track and trace our diamonds and by 2012 became accredited as the first Responsible Source for diamonds. Our aspiration is to create a community of like-minded artisans, retailers, and consumers dedicated to honoring the planet.

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Osiris Jewellery
New South Wales

Eco friendly artisan jewellery handcrafted from recycled precious metals, made with love one by one in my studio in Tyalgum, northern NSW, in the foothills of magnificent Mt. Warning.
My jewellery ranges from simple silver stacking rings, to personalised wedding sets, and unique one of a kind artisan pieces.
I also offer a custom service to help you create that perfect piece for yourself or a loved one. 

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Pure Grown Diamonds is the world's principal distributor of gem-quality diamonds. We offers stunning Eco-Friendly, Conflict-Free, Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry at Affordable Prices, Call 866-799-8885. 

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