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Whirlpool's line of ENERGY STAR® appliances will provide your home with great benefits. These products are not only extremely efficient, but perform as well as or better than any other appliance Whirlpool makes.
Energy efficient refrigerators and sustainable living products. Including composters, solar vaccine refrigerators and composting toilets.
SunDanzer battery powered solar refrigerators and freezers are energy efficient with low energy consumption and provide economical and reliable operation.
Energy efficient Staber top-loading horizontal-axis commercial and residential washing machines.
Offers portable washing machines (no electricity needed!), septic tank systems, clothes dryer and environmentally friendly laundry equipment.
Energy Efficient Top Load Washer uses only 24% of the energy of a traditional washer. Complete the laundry in up to half the time of a frontloader, 1000rpm spin saves up to 30% time and energy in the dryer.

Ultra slim, eco friendly radiators made from recycled aluminium.

Revolutionary water saving washing systems for the laundry and textile processing markets.
Take the tour to investigate your water saving opportunities in each area of your home. Click on each location to show you both the facts and specific advice. Clothes washer and other water-saving tips

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We offer a filter for an electric clothes dryer so the user can recycle the hot humid air from the clothes dryer. This saves the heat energy, adds humidity, shortens drying time.
WaterBoss offers a complete line of softeners and filters for solving all your home's water treatment needs!
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List and advantages of energy efficient appliance partners. Savings calculators and procurement lists. Example: Through superior design and system features, ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers clean clothes using 50% less energy than standard washers.
If you're trying to decide whether to invest in a more energy-efficient appliance or you'd like to determine your electricity loads, you may want to estimate appliance energy consumption.
Appliances – Rebates is sponsored by the Saving Water Partnership, a group of water utilities from throughout Seattle and King County. The site offers information on how to reduce water use for businesses and homeowners, as well as, offers rebates for water saving products to its customers.
High-efficiency clothes washer rebate program.
C4P Inc.
We are a market driven, technically competent, quality supplier. We have partnered with leading manufacturers to supply cost saving and time saving solutions to industrial market. We specialize in manufacturing Solar and DC Appliance and parts (ex. "solar panel, wiring, cables, inverter, controller and other custom design solar product as well") We manufacture Solar/DC Refrigerator, Freezer, Chest Freezer and Air Conditioner. Our solar chest freezer have been a success in the states especially in the California state. Only our company have the 9cu.ft. and 14cu.ft solar chest freezer. 

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