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Two-chamber rotating composter for a constant supply of compost.
Compost in 14 days! Make two batches of compost risk free with our 30 day offer.
NatureMill offers a clean and easy way to recycle food and paper waste, indoors or outdoors. Reduce trash, eliminate kitchen odors, and make your own rich organic compost fertilizer.
Acme Worm Farm sells Eisenia fetida or Red wigglers, the most preferred species of compost worms for vermicomposting. Acme Worm Farm also offers worm bins, worm castings, European nightcrawlers, and the highest quality soil products for your vermicomposting and organic gardening needs.
Redworms, worm castings, and plain compost.
Unlike redworm brokers, we do not sell any worms that we have not grown and harvested from our own farm due to the fact that there is no way to track what they've been fed and if they are truly healthy worms.

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CompostMania offers carefully chosen Compost bins, raised garden beds, earth worms, and rain barrels. make a positive impact on your garden and your planet by recycling your compostables and garden without chemicals.
Providing compost bins, workshops and in-home consultations as needed. There are 101 ways to compost, find the way that best fits you.
Home of the original Worm Factory composting bin! Includes news articles, videos, and worm composting faqs.
Contra Costa County
We provide a full range of worm and worm products for the home composter or gardening enthusiast.
Nevada County
Orange County
We have fully operational Worm Farms and Breeder Beds throughout Southern California which offer a variety of products and services to avid gardeners, plant enthusiasts, residential homeowners, educational institutions and commercial organization.
San Bernardino County
Worms and worm poop.
Tulare County
A complete website for buying worms, and easy-to-use bins such as the Worm Factory, Can-O-Worms, Eliminator, Enviro-Cycle, and other worm-related products. Learn more about recycling, vermicomposting, vermiculture and composting.
Grower and nationwide supplier of European NightCrawlers, Redworms, worm farming and vermiculture/composting supplies.
Providing redworms used for composting, fish bait, aquarium fish food, reptile food, and other worm related uses.
Worm Composting (vermicomposting) resources - books, videos, bins, worms.
Worms and vermiculture supplies. How to build your own worm bin.
Worms, worm bins, castings, vermiculture workshops.
New York
Growers of mealworms and earthworms, specializing in Superworms, Red Wigglers, European Nightcrawlers as fishing bait.
North Carolina
We specialize in Red Worms, but also offer European Nightcrawlers, worm bins, coconut coir, and other supplies to raise Red Worms.
Blue Ridge Vermiculture sells organic Worm Castings, European Nightcrawlers, African Nightcrawlers, Cocoons and Worm Supplies.
A complete website for buying worms, and easy-to-use bins such as the Worm Factory, Can-O-Worms, Eliminator, Enviro-Cycle, and other worm-related products. Learn more about recycling, vermicomposting, vermiculture and composting.
Vermicomposting news, worms and worm bins for home to industrial use.
Vermicomposting and vermiculture. We sell redworms or red wigglers, the best earthworm for vermicomposting. We sell high-quality earthworm castings and worm compost for organic gardening and organic farming.
South Carolina
Farm dedicated to raising and selling of red worms for fishing, composting, vermicomposting, and gardening.
At the Wormery we specialize in breeding & growing Redworms (Eisenia fetida) AKA Red Wiggler the best worm available for composting. For larger fishing worms we raise the European Night Crawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) AKA Texas Giant Reds, also a good compost worm.
Organic farm offering online sale of Red Wiggler compost worms, vermi-composters and free instructions for recycling kitchen wastes using a home worm bin.
Healthy worms, organic worm castings, compost, mulch, aged dairy manure, worm bins, worm books.
Worm Tea, worms, castings.
Worm Composting – Vermicomposting – Vermiculture – Retail – Canada
Cathy's Crawly Composters is an environmentally driven vermiculture business supplying red wiggler worms, vermicomposting bins, informative books - everything you need to get started.
Worm Composting – Vermicomposting – Vermiculture – Retail – UK
Products and service to the worm composting, fishing bait and worm specialist markets. Our fishing worms and composting worms are bred and grown at our worm farm in Essex.
Garden Composters – Manufacturers – USA
Large Batch Rotating Compost Bin makes compost in just 2 weeks. This unique compost tumbler turns organic waste into compost without backbreaking work.
The Envirocycle Composter / Composteamaker is the first composter to collect liquid compost tea, a rich organic plant food much appreciated by gardeners. It produces two excellent natural fertilizers  "solid and liquid" that can be used for house plants, outdoor plants, trees, gardens and lawns.
Community Composters – Manufacturers
Develops and markets compost machines for local composting of domestic waste.
Garden Food Composters – Resources – USA
From beginners to experts this web site is designed to be a hub for all composting information. No matter what your interest is, you'll find something here worth you time.
Books about earthworms, raising worms, redworms, nightcrawlers, growing worms, worm farms, worm farming, European nightcrawlers, Belgium redworms, earthworm buyer's guides, composting, vermicomposting, earthworm feeds and feeding.
Monroe Works
Online retailer of composting red worms and fishing bait European nightcrawlers. Find vermicomposting guide, worm farming tips, and answers from someone who actually grows his own worms.
Northwest Wigglers
Washington, Lake Stevens
We sell composting worms such as red wigglers and nightcrawlers, worm bins, books/ cd's and offer advice to people just starting out with worms.
Our red worms and OMRI-approved worm castings are a non-toxic soil amendment. They assist with pest control, reduce water loss, and enhance plant growth. Our red worms are perfect for bin composting.
We have compost worms, red wigglers and red worms for sale. We guarantee live delivery. We ship U.S.P.S. priority mail. We also have worm castings for your garden.
Nebraska, Omaha
CompostBins.com provides everything you need to start composting including indoor and garden compost bins, worm composters, compost tumblers, and other composting equipment.
Earthworms 4 Sale
North Carolina, Raleigh
We sell: red wigglers, European Nightcrawlers, African Nightcrawlers, Canadian Nightcrawlers. All at wholesale discount prices. No order is too large or too small.
Wormcity Wormery
UK, Ringwood
New from Wormcity - the wormcity wormery, manufactured in the UK, probably the best wormery ever!
The Worm Farm
California, Durham
The Worm Farm is located in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. The Worm Farm mission is to supply landscapers and homeowners with superior solutions for gardening.
Composters – Manufacturers
We are manufacturers of rotating in-vessel composters for backyard and industrial recycling of food waste and garden waste. We also provide commercial composting plants.

A great resource for buying compost bins.We have compost tumblers, compost worms, compost help books, and more!  

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Eco Value Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial grade in-vessel composters and accessories. This self turning and aerated unit is your year round composting solution.
The Worm Dude

Thewormdude.com is Proud Manufacturer of The Worm Inn. You can buy the most Breathable Worm Composting System in the World from Thewormdude.com 

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Worm Composter

The Worm Inn facilitates vermicomposting. This continuous flow of regularly adding food scraps and bedding, and then harvesting the castings from the bottom makes indoor worm composting. 

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Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen
At “worm-composting-help.com” you will learn all about Worm composting and the benefits of converting kitchen- and garden waste into nutrient rich plant food and soil conditioners. Worm composting from A to Z We are promoting worm farming and offer worms and worm composting solutions and advise

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