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Organix is an organic residuals management company specializing in the management, production, utilization, marketing and sales of organic-based soil amendments "“ primarily those generated by confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and municipalities. Peat replacement product.

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While we do our best to research all our products for use by organic growers, it is your responsibility to determine if they pass USDA requirements.
Farm Fresh Living is a celebration of the new healthy and organic rural lifestyle. Contains great info on gardening, organic living, cooking, pets and more!
Landscape East & West is a full service landscape company offering Maintenance, Sustainable Services, Design/Build, and Water Management. We are committed to excellence in serving our landscaping customers with outstanding design, implementation and ongoing care. At Landscape East & West, we don't just talk about environmentally friendly practices, we live them. Our sustainable services include organic fertility, smart irrigation services, job site recycling, and energy efficient night lighting just to mention a few.

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Ecoyards Lawn and Landscape
Washington, Seattle
Ecoyards provides complete lawn and landscape services with an emphasis on quality customer service and environmental responsibility.
Non-toxic and organic liquid fertilizers. Agricultures highest quality natural foliar sprays, soil conditioners, liquid npks, microbial package, fish & seaweed emulsion and more. Website includes newsletters, crop programs, articles and more.
Serrano Creek Soil Amendments
California, Lake Forest
Organic compost direct from producer. Healthy soil means healthy plants without chemical fertilizers. Treat your land as you treat your body.
Green Harvest
Organic and permaculture gardening supplies.