Natural Wood Finishes

Note: While we do our best to review the products sold or manufactured by these websites, we cannot guarantee 100% safety. Please do your own diligent research about the content when purchasing any of these products. We cannot take any responsibility for purchases done through these links. Even natural products should be applied and used in well-ventilated areas.

Tried & True Wood Finishes has combined some new and some old ideas to create the best oil finishes made. We use 18th century varnish-making techniques and the best natural ingredients to make environmentally safe wood finishes that make no compromise for beauty, durability, or safety.
Non toxic wood protector, wall paint, oil for wood floor. Natural woodworm treatment and protection.

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Eco Wood Treatment
Canada, British Columbia
Eco wood treatment 100 % non toxic wood treatment/wood stain.
WOCA natural wood floor oil and other wood finishing products.
USA, New Mexico
BioShield Wood Counter Finish is safe to use on any wood surface, especially in the kitchen where family gathers and food is prepared. It works beautifully on both hard and soft woods and bamboo.
In addition to meeting the highest standards of environmental responsibility, we also eliminate toxic ingredients such as solvents, heavy metals, chemical residuals, formaldehyde and other harmful preservatives.