Human Power

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Association for promotion of recumbent bicycles, human powered aircraft, human powered vehicles, human powered boats.
Unique and innovative home-built or production manufactured designs involving lightweight and streamlined hulls, pedals, gears, propellers and even hydrofoils, in an effort to continually push the envelope and improve performance.
On these pages you can find lots of information on human powered hydrofoils. In The History of human powered hydrofoils you can find facts of nearly every hph-projekt ever. Besides that there are lots of videos and pics.
Human powered hydrofoil (pedaling).
Overview and results of human powered boat championships in Europe.
ProPhish - human powered inflatable pontoon pedal catamarans.
Manufacturing and sale of stable fishing kayaks for paddling and fishing standing and sitting. Kayak fishing gear, accessories and paddles. Kayak fishing articles, rigging, photos, and videos.
WaveWalker is a revolutionary, pedal driven watercraft built for fun, speed, and stability.
Resource for those seeking information related to powering a bicycle with an electric motor, gas engine (two-stroke, four-stroke, rotary), or even a hydrogen powered fuel cell battery.
A resource for those interested in acquiring their own velomobile.
The HumanCar is a street legal human powered car featuring patented technology: Bodysteer, and SafeRail.
Colorado mail order recumbent bicycles, tandem recumbents, folding bikes, women's bikes, tricycles, and trikes.