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Ecotintes natural dyeing service , an alternative natural dyed and printed for demanding users, producing original and attractive colors, textiles healthy and sustainable environment-friendly, not harmful chemicals in their processes to health.
Aurora Silk
A selection of naturally dyed, natural textiles as well as the natural dyes themselves, kits, books, articles, and free tutorials on this site to empower you in your own creations, using true 100% Natural Dyes.
All of our colorants are derived from plants or other natural materials and many of our dyes have received organic and/or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.
Canada, British Columbia
Maiwa is a source of natural dyes, instruction, and workshops. We are home to the Maiwa Foundation, Productions, Stores and the Textile Symposium.
The Woolery
Seeds for dye plants. Dye kits. (Not all natural)
Natural dyes from plants & animals - grow and dye with cochineal, indigo, brazilwood, logwood, woad, weld and madder etc.
Pigment catalog: history and sources of a variety of pigments used, past and present.
A list for the discussion of natural dyes -- materials and techniques.
The Cochineal Dye website sells cochineal for dyeing textiles and fabrics, handmade paper, leather and wood, etc.
An international nonprofit organized to research natural dyes and pigments, share information and educate the public about the history of this rich tradition and the use of these natural materials.
All About Woad
Woad has been a source of natural blue pigment for thousands of years. Learn how to dye with woad, grow the plant and extract the pigment.
Woad Inc
UK, Norfolk
Specialist woad growers, woad indigo pigment producers, woad dyers and luxurious woad-dyed textile retailers in the UK.
Online shop in natural dyed yarns and dyes. Dye kits. Workshops and courses: natural dyes, spinning, braiding or embroidery.
Our company has been working with woad since 1994 and our aim is to develop the project on a larger scale and to work with industrial companies on the valorization of this natural pigment.