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CityRyde bike share consultants. Specializes in bike sharing with expertise on staff to assist with a bike sharing initiative on any level from concept to reality.
Bicycle share program offered to citizens and tourists by the city of Montreal.
The OYBike System is a street-based rental station network that allows you to hire and return a bicycle via your mobile phone. The OYBike system is based on the availability of rental bicycles at key locations: Tube stations Public buildings Key transport interchanges Car Parks.
[Website only in French at time of writing] Bike share program with +1,000 distribution points in Paris. Flickr Picture Gallery   YouTube Video
Availability of self-service time-share city bikes, free of charge, for residents of an agglomeration of 37 towns,and also for tourists and occasional users. Use is totally free and need application form to get a card.
Veloh! allows you to go on a bicycle ride as often as you like. Make as many journeys as you like during your subscription period.
[Website not available in English at time of writing] Come Funziona Bicincittà ? Attraverso lutilizzo di una tessera elettronica, il singolo utente puಠprelevare la bicicletta in qualunque cicloposteggio presente sul territorio e riconsegnarla ovunque trovi un cicloposteggio libero, anche in un luogo diverso da quello di origine.
If you dont have your own bike with you but you need one, a nextbike is the solution. nextbike can be rented any time. The bikes stand conspicuously at the main train stations, pedestrian zones and other vibrant spots in the city.
An OV-fiets is a rental bike that is part of the Dutch public transport ('OV-fiets' means 'public transport bicycle'). The OV-fiets is an ideal means to cover the distance between the railway station and the office. Hiring an OV-fiets is fast and easy and makes for a comfortable continuation of your journey.
Are you visiting Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe and want to hire a bike? Call a Bike is a special service of Deutsche Bahn AG: a whole fleet of superb high-tech bikes is at your service in these five cities - and perhaps soon in others - around the clock.
[Website not available in English at time of writing]  Das Gratis-Stadtrad in Wien.
ClearChannel Adshel has installed Citybikes in 4 different Norwegian cities, in addition to several cities abroad. The Citybikes are made for the citizens or visitors/tourists on their way around town - and shall be available to all.
You will always have access to a bike and a flexible means of transport to your place of work, to the shops or to the best bathing areas. Included in the price, you also receive magnificent views of Stockholm, fresh air and good exercise.
The city bikes are Copenhagen! This is emphasized by the fact, that a city bike was the official gift from The City of Copenhagen to the American president, when he visited Copenhagen in 1997. Bill Clinton received a specially designed city bike called "City Bike One".
400 free city bikes in Arhus. From the 1st of May 2007 you can use any one of the 400 city bikes in Arhus free of charge 24 hours a day. You can find them dotted around the city in the 55 specially allocated bicycle stands.
The Bike-sharing Blog provides information on the emerging public transportation mode of bike-sharing.
Will Smart Bikes Succeed as Public Transportation in the United States?
MetroBike, LLC is a progressive bicycle transportation consulting company whose focus is on encouraging bicycling through safe and effective facilities. MetroBike is also the authority on bike-sharing programs.
Bike rental based on the Homeport system is a fully automated system enabling bikes to be rented and returned without the need to call anyone, talk to anyone or hand over money to anyone. All you need is a card or key ring with an rfid chip.Once the user has bought a card, he is automatically registered in the RCC internet system.
[Website not available in English at time of writing] Bike distribution systems for bicycle sharing.

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Merging shared mobility with electric vehicles. The e-bike platform allows your organization to offer electric bikes as a reliable mobility service for members or employees. Analysis and planning services to decision makers of shared electric bike projects.