Educational Holidays

Come with us on a wild dolphin adventure aboard the Research Vessel Dream Too
A United States/Costa Rican based conservation organization providing education-centered expeditions within Costa Rica.
STAND Center is a research and development Center, that focuses on promoting sustainable development thru field courses, volunteer programs, outreach, and authentic eco-tourism services.
The International Conservation Awareness Network (ICAN) hold conservation camps where you can take part in ecology and renewable energy projects. Educational, relaxing & fun - Children welcome. Plus music, yoga, judo, aikido, tai chi and Capoeira.
Experiential learning programs covering culture, sustainable organic agriculture and healthy cuisine. An award-winning Sustainable Travel program.
Birds are our business!  Come with us in a small group and we will show you the secrets of New Zealand's unique birds, bats and marine mammals. Our tours are an opportunity to learn about our native fauna, especially for wildlife enthusiasts or people with little knowledge who would like to learn.
Our founding principle - to provide small, specialized educational travel of the highest quality - and core philosophy - a desire to promote natural history exploration and cross-cultural understanding - are mutually supportive.

Educational Holidays - Free listings

Yanapuma Spanish School
Ecuador, Quito
Spanish School in Quito offering one-to-one and small group & online classes, Travel & Study, Quito Cultural & Volunteer packages, Medical Spanish etc. All profits donated to sustainable development.