Green Model Companies

This very consequent natural body care product (pure certified organic plant-based fair trade products only!) manufacturer is almost completely self-reliable for its energy: they use windpower from their own wind generator, use hay and waste products for heating, and recycle all that can be recycled. Their buildings don't require heating or cooling. Bicycle commuting is rewarded with incentives. In 2000, Urtekram was the first organic company in the world to be certified in accordance with the environmental standard ISO 14001.
House cleaning + body care products. Use of green roof on factory, ISO 14001 compliant. Features include: rain water recycling, green electricity use, environmentally responsible building products,
Manufacturer of wind measurement tools. 46,000 square foot green building. Features include: 75% solar and wind energy, super insulated steel structure, pellet heating, radiant slab heating and cooling system, ... LEED Gold Certification. (Project summary & Financials PDF)
Brew kettles 70% more efficient, green designed building, methane production, wind energy, combined heat-power generation, very active promotion of bike-to-work, plug-in hybrid vehicles.
Alpaca clothing manufacturer. Most of the wool comes form local sources or fair-trade Peru supplies (minimum contact with chemicals). Spinning machine is powered by a watermill. Sustainable packaging: all is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.
Aims to be an educational resource for people wishing to understand how the world, both manmade and natural, operates along biological principles. Biothinking results in products, processes and business models that are adaptable, sustainable and well suited to their niche.
OpenEco is a new global on-line community that provides free, easy-to-use tools to help participants assess, track, and compare business energy performance, share proven best practices to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and encourage sustainable innovation.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit aiming to create a lasting relationship between shareholders and corporations regarding the implications for shareholder value and commercial operations presented by climate change. The CDP website is the largest repository of corporate greenhouse gas emissions data in the world.

We provide technical advice, financial assistance and design guidance to help make Vermont homes, farms and businesses energy efficient.
The Network is part of the international network of The Natural Step, a non-profit, research, education and advisory organization that uses a science-based framework to help organizations, individuals and communities move toward sustainability.