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Green Roof Systems – Installers – Consultants – Materials – USA
The GreenGrid™ System is an innovative green roof technology that can boost your building's bottom line and value.
Furbish Co
Furbish Company delivers state of the art, innovative building systems - green roof systems that offer enhanced comfort and health while restoring the natural systems that support us.
Knossus Project
New York
The Knossus Project has joined with S. Edgar David, Landscape Architects to launch an initiative to transform barren rooftops into lush gardens.
North Carolina
Lightweight roof garden soil ideally suited for green roofs.
Living Roofs, Inc.
North Carolina
Living Roofs, Inc. teams with architects and engineers to design and install green roof systems for commercial and residential structures: new construction, retrofits.
Our installations reflect the experience of our member landscape firms in the National Roofscapes Network. Roofscapes is represented across the United States through its network of licensed installers of roof gardens.
Green Roofs – Canada
ELT Easy Green
Green Roofs Made Easy with the ELT Easy Green Roofing System. ELT Specializes in lightweight extensive greenroofs. Pregrown, easy to install, and very LEED friendly; what more could you ask for! ELT Easy Green the best choice for your next green roof!
Green Roofs – Germany
Der Optigrün-Partner ist Dienstleister für Dachbegrünungen. Er bietet zwar in erster Linie das Optigrün-System an, kann aber auch andere Dachbegrünungsaufbauten ausführen.
Offer a wide variety of green roof solutions. Provide information about energy efficient systems and upgrades for facility roofs.
Cool Flat Roof
No. Attleboro, Massachusetts
Green and Solar flat roof installation and repair in MA, RI & CT. Specializing in IB cool roofing technology that is perfect for your Garden Roof, and now we offer Building Integrated Solar Panels.
Apex Green Roofs
Massachusetts, Somerville
Apex Green Roofs is a design/build/maintenance firm specializing in the emerging vegetated roof industry.
Xero Flor America is the exclusive U.S. provider of the patented Xero Flor green roof system. Xero Flor green roof technologies are based on pre-cultivated vegetation blankets and supported by nearly 40 years of continuous R&D and thousands of installations worldwide.
American Hydrotech, Inc.
Illinois, Chicago
A Garden Roof® Assembly is a lightweight, low profile green roof system which incorporates Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125®, ensuring a green and water-tight structure.
Green Walls (Vertical Gardens)
Greenworks designs, produces, and market functional furniture and interior details with an extensive amount of plants. Plants with their unique health bringing capacities are always the base in our products.
Living Wall Art
Canada, Ontario
Vertical gardens hang from your wall and can create a stunning presentation of living art in your home or garden.
Canada, British Columbia
G-SKY offers the innovative Green Wall technology to the North American market. Green Wall Panels are safe to install on almost any structure. We offer a wide range of plants, in several varieties and colors for almost any vertical application.