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Dream Green Homes is your complete source for alternative, sustainable, green or natural home plans.
Solar home plans, strawbale home plans, adobe house plans, small  home plans
Personal page with house plan, costs, construction pictures, materials used.
Straw bale house plans for sale.
Blog focused on small, affordable and sustainable straw bale house plans.
Showcase site by the owner of this passive solar house that features earth shelter design, geothermal exchange, and energy recycling. Includes plans, documents the construction and explains the efficiency of the design.
Our passive solar house plans are inspired by the movement of the sun.
Solar home design, includes plans.
Online seller of house plans with plans ranging from about 1000 sq ft to 2000 sq ft.
These passive solar home plans reflect efforts to create a simple, cost effective way for people to build beautiful, easy living, low maintenance, living spaces that are synchronized with the seasonal movement between the earth and sun.
These home plans are in the contemporary pueblo architectural style and are engineered for the cooler winter climates of the southwest. Typical energy savings and carbon reduction amounts are calculated based on past weather data for each home. Most of these homes have been built in north central New Mexico.
A book of detailed shop drawings and simple formulas for building wood framed, 3v icosa, panelized geodesic domes. Includes text of entire book and sample plans for free download.
Kits and plans. Building services.
Geodesic domes plans and technologies. Plans et technologies de dômes géodésiques. Design service. Service de design.
Site based on the book by the same name. Underlying all of the chapters of this book is a request that we look more closely at ourselves, at how we want to live, at what inspires us, and at what our planet needs to return to balance. House plans for sale.
Make your dream home a reality by purchasing one of our efficiently designed house plans. Bookshop. Ideas and information about building affordably and living simply, the key ideas behind our simple house plans.
The House Plan Shop offers a collection of top-selling house plans and garage plans by North America's leading designers and architects. Economical, small house plans and green building tips.
Small sustainable house plans.
About 20 plans of energy efficient homes from this builder.
Explore our floor plan library and see how some of our homeowners have designed their Deltec round home. If you don't see a plan that interests you contact us and we can email others to you for you to review.
Blog focused on small, affordable and sustainable earthbag house plans.
Energy Independent Housing is more than a set of blue prints for a solar home. Detailed plans and illustrations are presented that will enable the reader to construct the illustrated energy independent dwelling, however this book is best used as a construction guide for all kinds of energy independent  housing.
Free online tools to calculate solar window heat gain, sun path, sun position, sun angle, overhang design, 

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The House Designers are the only online provider of house plans that ENERGY STAR® has approved to label as ENERGY STAR® certified. Our initiative with ENERGY STAR® is to encourage consumers to build green, energy efficient homes from the onset as soon as they break ground on their new home construction.
Direct from the Designers features an innovative collection of best-selling online house plans, home plans and floor plans including an exclusive collection of ENERGY STAR house plans direct from the leading designers and architects in the United States. They also offer a comprehensive resource center called Green Living where consumers and builders can learn about the latest sustainable interior and exterior home building products and get inspiring green home design ideas and tips.
Our passive solar mapping means our house floor plans are location specific & the first step to the security of a zero energy home.
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Passive solar house plans
Passive solar house plans   Most of our plans in this category are Energy Star approved.
Rick Thompson
Passive solar house plans
Passive solar house plans Solar house plans with front, rear and side solar orientation.
Yellow Blue Designs
Sustainable home plans
Sustainable home plans We offer: eco-friendly house plans, passive solar, active solar, barrier free, drain water heat recovery, liquid solar thermal.