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ClearSky Climate Solutions – Carbon Offsetting
ClearSky Climate Solutions can help reduce your carbon footprint! For individuals, our website features an easy-to-use footprint calculator and carbon offset shopping cart. For businesses and organizations, we provide consulting services to assess and reduce your footprint and high-quality offsets to balance unavoidable emissions. ClearSky offsets have been certified through rigorous standards and provide additional benefits to local communities, native biodiversity, and green technology. makes it easy and affordable for you to reduce your climate footprint. reduces the threat of climate change by supporting renewables, efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce carbon emissions. Best value: $5.50 per ton of CO2.
NativeEnergy is a small Vermont company launched to fight climate change and global warming by helping build more than 150 large, commercial-scale wind turbines, and keeping five million tons of carbon dioxide out of the air over the next five years.
On this site you can 'neutralize' the contribution you or your business makes to global warming. Buy products and gifts which soak up or compensate for unavoidable emissions - like tree planting and 'green' energy in developing countries.  Carbon Calculator
Greenfleet Australia is a not for profit organization, that plants native trees to offset carbon dioxide emissions and promotes the development of fuel-efficient technologies to reduce emissions in the future. Great multiple flight calculator
Sustainable Travel International supports and promotes responsible travel, eco-tourism, eco-tours, green travel and sustainable tourism through education and outreach. They also sell green credits to offset your travel pollution.
Your contributions will be invested in oil baring seed plants to produce biodiesel. At the same time you will give employment to farmers in India!
GreenSeat is een duurzaam initiatief en biedt luchtreizigers de mogelijkheid om schadelijke uitstoot van gevlogen kilometers te compenseren door de aanplant van bomen.
ECCM is widely recognized for its expertise managing carbon stock for sustainable development. We combine carbon offset delivery with commercial, social, biodiversity and hydrological considerations.
Point Carbon provides carbon price forecasts and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions trading markets.

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Trading by dollar or egold for carbon reducing credits via pixel advertising to produce green electricity by wind, water and mass tree plantings.
Carbon offsets, carbon footprint measurement for business and individuals, carbon neutral certification, specific offset projects available for higher price and minimum order. is unlike any other provider of Voluntary Carbon Offsets as all its projects are fully additional, transparent and verified. We retain full direct control of all our offset projects.
Certify your business as Carbon Neutral - Calculate, reduce and offset your emissions.
We offer a free carbon audit. The process is simple. Having assessed your carbon emissions for the previous year we provide you with a report and recommendations.
CarbonOffsetsLtd enables individuals or businesses to offset their carbon emissions.
BeGreen carbon offsets are the latest sustainable product offered by Green Mountain Energy — BeGreen’s parent company.
Non-profit. Donations from automobile drivers, at the rate of one penny per mile, are used to install renewable energy systems, free-of-charge, for selected worthy organizations.
We are neutralizing the carbon for the Gators home football season. If you would like to contribute or get your school involved, please contact us. We have a detailed plan to put in to place.
3Degrees enables you to fund clean energy & carbon reduction projects by originating high quality Renewable Energy Credits & Verified Carbon Offsets from around the world.
Offering carbon credits for businesses and individuals.
Climate Care provides ethical, high quality, completely verifiable carbon offsets through a number of carefully sourced carbon reduction programs.
BVCO is an ethical not for profit carbon offset org. that helps you to calculate & reduce your carbon footprint; then compensate it in a community development projects-making a real difference.
Carbon Planet
A global full-spectrum carbon management company, Carbon Planet brings together scientific expertise, industry experience and business insights to deliver an integrated suite of carbon management services.
Climate Action, a business formed in 2009, aims to make the carbon market more accessible and meaningful to consumers and consumer oriented companies. Through its innovative online portal it enables individuals and companies to connect with a range of community, renewable and industrial projects around the world all of which tackle climate change.
We offer Green-e Energy certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), verified carbon offsets, green power for LEED green building, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas inventories.
Free & Get-Paid Offsetting
MyEmissions Exchange is a free website that lets you earn money for reducing your home energy use! lets you earn free carbon credits. Shop at no extra cost and the retailer will pay to offset your carbon. Subscribe to our newsletter, and get your carbon offset by our sponser. Or pay by phone or credit card to offset your carbon.
Clean Energy Offsetting
Village Green Energy works with households and businesses across the country to support renewable energy. Our sourcing standards are even more stringent than Green-e certification.
Energy Efficiency
Offset your CO2 while giving low-income families lower electricity bills. We install energy-efficient light bulbs in low-income homes to create twice the benefit of a traditional offset.
Our focus is to help calculate carbon footprints, supply green solutions & to provide low cost carbon offsets. Our solutions reduce your footprint and energy while helping the less fortunate.
Tree Planting Carbon Offsetting
Note: Carbon offsetting by planting trees/plants may have only a temporary effect since these products eventually will end up releasing some or all of the carbon. (A more skeptical resource concerning carbon sinking projects: )
We plant one tree for each flight you take. Give a little back when you fly.
Eco-Libris helps book lovers go green and balance out the paper used for the books they read by planting trees.
Calculate and offset your personal or business carbon footprint at
Carbon Friendly Solutions Inc. is a Canadian environmental company dedicated to participating in global carbon emission reduction solutions to mitigate climate change.
Carbon Offsetting – Information, Consulting
4CL is the network for education and sharing of best practices to ensure sustainable, healthy and livable cities.
Canada, Quebec
How individuals and corporations can reduce their GHG emissions and offset their carbon footprint. Includes personal GHG calculator.
Green Pass services for businesses and consumers helps measure carbon footprints and reduce energy through sustainable practices. With the remainder being offset to neutral.
primo:gy climate change consulting offers corporate climate change solutions. We have specialized in the areas management consulting, corporate trainings and workshops.
BianconiConsulting specializes in climate change related issues. Emissions reduction projects, Kyoto's CDM, JI, voluntary offsets and the trading of Carbon Emission Reductions.
Greenstone Carbon Management is a specialist carbon solutions company providing consultancy advice and software tools for the commercial and public sectors.
Carbon Offsetting – Projects Business to Business
We provide carbon mitigation services to businesses and communities in both developed and developing markets.
Climate Friendly
Australia, New South Wales

Climate Friendly is a profit-for-purpose company, single-mindedly focused on helping organisations to gain business value from their sustainability programs. Our bespoke sustainability programs lead to a number of flow-on benefits for our customers including increased brand value, becoming an employer of choice, managing risk and retaining and acquiring business. 

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The Tree Hub is an organization that specializes in carbon offsetting schemes. By offsetting your carbon emissions, you compensate for your business carbon emissions that can't be reduced by planting trees. Offsetting your business carbon emissions is an ideal way of telling your customer you care about the environment.