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Global Green USA works with governments, industry, and individuals to create a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. Global Green USA is addressing three great challenges facing humanity: climate change, weapons of mass destruction, and the need for clean water.
The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) International is a non-profit organization infused with the energy of thousands of members "“ individuals and organizations who are actively engaged in ecologically-sensitive repair and management of ecosystems.
The PATT Foundation, or Plant-A-Tree-Today is a UK registered non profit organisation based in Bangkok, Thailand. We are aimed at promoting tree planting projects, sustainable agriculture, education and school nurseries, CSR, forestry training and combating global climate change.
A not-for-profit environmental organization founded by Chad Pregracke.  Programs: Community Cleanups, Big River Educational Workshops, Riverbottom Forest Restoration and Adopt-A-Mississippi River Mile.
ERS is as an international organization  that aims to address the challenge posed by the on-going damage to the world’s eco-systems and species by creating a worldwide network of earth restoration projects and facilitating volunteer and technical assistance to such projects.
Forest conservation portal.  Rainforest, forest and biodiversity conservation news and information. Extensive articles archive.
To empower individuals and organizations to help save the worlds wild species.
Edge species are truly one of a kind. If they disappear there will be nothing similar left on the planet. Two-thirds are receiving little or no conservation attention. Help save these remarkable species.
100 Success stories for Endangered Species Day 2007.
Carrifran Wildwood-Ecological Restoration in Southern Scottish Uplands to re-create an extensive tract of wild and native woodland, evoking the pristine countryside of six thousand years ago. Once again there will be a home for Scottish trees, flowers, birds, mammals and insects that for centuries have been almost excluded from these denuded hills.
Scottish charity dedicated to regenerating and restoring the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland.
Scotland has lost 98% of its natural native forest. Many associated plants and animals are now locally extinct. The people of Scotland have also lost out - thousands of people have had to move away from the land they once worked, and many crafts and trades that once supported rural communities have disappeared.

Environmental and ecological contracting specialists including design, consultancy and implementation services for nature conservation and habitat creation, mitigation and management. 

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One Biosphere is an alliance of people and organizations who are united to preserve the quality of our American and the global environment through our forum, advocacy, research.
Save Shollenberger Park
California, Berkley
We are a group of Petaluma citizens working to save one of the most unique wildlife and wetland preserves in California.
Since 1990, Generation Green (a 501c3) has sought to inform and encourage environmental action in CCC.
Fireflies are disappearing, how you can help...
Sustainable living concepts research & education. We are on a 1 year bicycle tour visiting organic farrms, green co's & architects. Media incl. blogs, webcasts and a documentary.

EarthProtect.com uses video and social media to inspire people to move from image to action for sustainability. Join for free, post or link videos, post blog articles, find green businesses and meet 58 nonprofits with sustainability causes.
EarthProtectProductions.com helps tell clean tech, green, sustainability and environmental stories from PSA's to feature documentaries.  

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Pollution.net is dedicated to providing visitors first information on activities of environmental organizations from around the world. The information is organized into environmental news, jobs, blogs, campaigns and a brief on environmental organization. Special topics like Plastic pollution, asbestos pollution, allergy are assigned separate sub-sites to deal with the volume of information.

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