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The aim of this journal is to provide a forum for the dissemination of knowledge and understanding about the emerging array of community currencies being used throughout the world both at present and in the past.
The open money project is a work in progress - a continuation of almost 20 years of LETSystem development all over the world, two community way projects in Canada using smart cards, the Japan open money project, and, most recently, a community currencies server program, cybercredits.
The mission of TimeBanks is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent.
FREE linkup to local community exchange groups worldwide.
Fair Shares is a Charitable Trust set up in January 1998 to explore the practical applications of using time as a currency to rebuild communities in the UK.
At least 40,000 people are involved in the UK's 450 LETS schemes, most of them established according to the democratic and co-operative LETS model developed in Britain by LETSLINK UK during the 1990s.
LETS Forum is dedicated to free and low cost alternatives in an increasingly money orientated world, including Local Exchange Trading Schemes and other social inventions.
LETS in the South West of England.
In the Czech Republic the first LETS was established in autumn 1999 and nowadays there are several systems there.
LETS Vlaanderen vzw is het steunpunt van en voor LETS-groepen in Vlaanderen. LETS Vlaanderen is samengesteld uit LETS-leden, uit verschillende Vlaamse LETS-groepen. Samen willen zij binnen deze stichting ondersteuning bieden aan beginnende en bestaande LETS-groepen.
Local currency that pays for plumbing, renting or even loans. Business contacts, articles, video available.
Madison Hours are community currency, issued by the people of the Madison area to increase our local money supply. Because they remain local, Hours enhance and strengthen the economy by employing a local person each time they circulate, without ever draining away to distant parts of the country or world.
CHE hours stimulate local business by recycling their wealth. It is backed up by real capital, skills, goods, and services. Participation in CHE opens the door to meet new opportunities. It builds rich and rewarding friendships and improves the local economic community. CHE is based on high values of ethics, integrity and standards that develop deep trust in one another. CHE was established in 1994.
The Salt Spring Island Dollars Project helps to put our local art, commerce and goodwill into circulation. Salt Spring Island Issued Dollars, symbolized by $$, is the very first alternative, local currency in the world that is backed 100% by a national currency - the Canadian Dollar.
Calgary Dollars uses a bi-monthly newspaper that alternates months with a listings update newsletter and monthly potlucks, along with this website, to connect businesses and individuals who want to get what they need without using money.
Local currency of Toronto. Canadian Dollars can be exchanged at tellers against the Toronto Dollar!
Het LETS systeem werd in Gent in 1995 opgericht door een groepje vrienden en kennissen.
De Stichting LETSland is een overkoepelende organisatie van de LETSbeweging in Nederland. Het doel van de Stichting is: het bewerkstelligen van een goed funktionerende LETSbeweging in Nederland.
DenHaagLets is een lokale ruilkring, een moderne vorm om diensten en goederen uit te wisselen.
De Ruilkring Delft, is opgericht in 1997.
Het Sterrenstelsel in Utrecht kan het beste gezien worden als een hele grote vriendenkring, waarbij diensten en goederen worden aangeboden via advertenties in Sterrenstof, die vijf maal per jaar uitkomt.
NOPPES is van oorsprong een 'LETSysteem' en is in 1993 door Aktie Strohalm uit Utrecht opgezet. LETS is de internationale term voor handelsnetwerken zoals NOPPES. NOPPES is opgezet om te kunnen experimenteren met het LETSidee.
A Local Energy Trading System, operating in the Canberra region of Australia, to provide an information network for members to trade their skills, goods and services using an internal community currency called QBs.

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MONEY 2.0 is an alternative currency concept specifically designed to replace the current money system (in which the power to create money is a monopoly exercised by banks). In MONEY 2.0, anyone can issue money who is willing to exchange products or services. 

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