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Promotes George Ohsawas teachings on nutrition, healing, and philosophy.  Publishes the works of George Ohsawa, Herman and Cornellia Aihara, and others, including Acid and Alkaline, Basic Macrobiotic Cooking, Basic Macrobiotics, Philosophy of Oriental Medicine and Zen Macrobiotics.
Courses, online classes, articles, recipes.
Online macrobiotic directory and network.
A vital part of the natural foods and macrobiotic communities in Austin,TX and around the world. We offer healthy vegan and vegetarian cooking classes, guest lectures by some of the country's leading health consultants, and informative seminars for people interested in an alternative approach to food, nutrition, health, and healing.
Courses, online classes, articles, recipes.
A resource for people interested in learning about the macrobiotic diet and way of life. Regular activities include community dinners, cooking classes, and lecture programs. Services offered include macrobiotic counseling, cooking instruction, and shiatsu massage. Books and Cookware are available for sale during classes.
School for macrobiotic cooking.
The Kientalerhof, Centre for Wellbeing and Creativity, is an inspiring educational centre and a vacation hotel in the Bernese Oberland.
A web site designed to be a macrobiotic resource for the entire internet community, also we strive to bring you all the traditional macrobiotic and natural foods staples that you would normally purchase from other mail order and Internet companies at substantially lower prices. Recipes, articles, forum, chat.